The Difficulties Of Dropping Cigarettes

I have been able to overcome some habits in my life but nothing has been more difficult than quitting smoking. I began smoking in high school and will soon celebrate a year without a cigarette at the age of 36.

It has been more difficult than I can explain and if you have been through it then you know what I’m talking about. I used to be a heavy marijuana smoker  and quit no problem. I have been without weed for about 9 years. I was also a hardcore drinker and woke up one morning and decided to drop the booze. I have now been sober for 8 years. For that matter, once I decided to become vegan I dropped the meat products with no problem. But this cigarette has been a different beast.

Even with almost a year going by I still have cravings to take a smoke sometimes. I now realize that smoking was not just a habit for me, it was a coping mechanism that I really enjoyed. When I get those cravings I have to remind myself of the dedication that I’ve put in to dropping this habit. I used nicotine lozenges for maybe a week and decided to just finish cold turkey. I didn’t want to become dependent on the lozenges to end my dependence on cigarettes. I wanted full control and not use something for a crutch.

I’m not going to go through some long spill breaking down the many health risks of smoking tobacco. At this point we all know and have seen what tobacco products can do to you. If you’re out there trying to quit, then great job and keep up the work. Take it one day at a time and don’t beat yourself up if you backslide. Make your mistake and keep pushing forward. If you are waiting until you’re ready to quit then good luck. I’m not sure if you’re ever ready to quit. You just do it. I guess you have to be patient and wait for your “just do it” moment to hit.

I am not going to be hard towards the smokers because that’s not how you convince people to quit smoking. Hopefully you jackasses that have never smoked will learn that. It really pisses me off to hear someone that has never faced the challenge of quitting smoking throw smart ass remarks to people that smoke. You don’t know what it’s like so stand down!

Also, if you are someone that has quit smoking and you’ve been successful, then great for you! But let’s not turn into the smoke snobs and preach sermons to people like you have never fired up one yourself. That’s the number one thing that the smoker will say. You used to smoke, therefore you should have more tolerance and patience with people. We have to encourage and be positive without being pushy and condescending.

So as I continue to fight these occasional nicotine cravings, I would like to say congratulations to those whom have already conquered this addiction. To those whom are considering quitting and have not, you’ve already made the first step. The first step is realizing that you need to quit. With time your desire will match your thoughts and the body will follow.



There is a challenge going on in social media called #GrossMeatChallenge. Here is the link if you want to catch a video The challenge is to find the grossest meat you can find. What I saw in the video shocked me.

Not to give away the video because you should check it out, but most of the content consisted of people getting their meat home from the market and discovering huge parasitic worms in the meat. When I used to eat meat, I always thought that if you cooked the meat all the way through then that would kill everything. This video debunked that thought.

In one situation a gentleman was cooking fish and you could clearly see that the fish was cooked. Well at the bottom of the hot pan that the fish was cooked in was a parasitic worm that was alive and well. In another segment of the video someone had a skillet full of frying Italian sausages. While the sausages were frying you could literally see 10 or more parasitic worms coming out of each sausage.

I don’t know if you blame nature or the butcher. Regardless, I had no idea that these parasitic worms were so resilient to heat.  So take care of yourselves and take notice of what you’re about to put in your mouth.

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Eating For Chron’s Disease And Ulcerative Colitis: The Maker’s Diet

I want to continue this series by discussing the Maker’s Diet. Next to paleo veganism, I feel this is the best eating plan for those with Chron’s and Ulcerative Colitis. The Maker’s Diet was created by Jordan Rubin.

If you’re not familiar with Jordan Rubin then you should look him up because he has a great story. While in college he was diagnosed with Chron’s Disease. He dropped 80 pounds, became wheelchair bound, and was given a short time to live. After many failed therapeutic attempts, he met a California nutritionist that told him to eat the diet given in the Torah. Eating a diet that was given in the scriptures changed his life and he is now famous for it.

Other than paleo veganism this is my favorite eating plan. Being that it’s biblically based, the diet is heavy on plant passed eating including all vegetables, fruit, legumes, nuts, beans, whole grains, and seeds. Also, it does allow for some meat consumption. Being that the diet follows the dietary laws in Leviticus and Deuteronomy, pork and shellfish are not allowed. The meat proteins in moderation you can consume are lean beef, poultry, lamb, and fish. None of these meats can be fried.

The diet also bans processed meat such as bologna and hotdogs. Corned and roast beef are also discouraged against. Again, fried foods are not allowed and you must remove refined flour and sugar such as pastries, candies, ketchup, soft drinks, white breads and pastas.

This eating plan also has a three part phase. The first two phases are 14 days each and there is no set time frame for the last phase. In the first 14 days you are eliminating refined flour, sugar, grains, and starchy vegetables. The second phase is clean eating with only the allowed lean meat proteins and nutrient-dense plant foods. The third phase comes once you have reached your goal or your body has healed. You can have the occasional ear of corn or plain baked potato. The plain baked potato might sound boring to you, but the Maker’s Diet prohibits large quantities of dairy consumption. It suggests that if you must have dairy then use products made from goat milk. I have seen several studies that say goat milk is a much healthier option than cow’s milk.

Another great feature of this diet is fasting. Jordan Rubin incorporated the biblical art of fasting in his diet plan. The eating plan calls for  intermittent fasting once a week. Only water and 100% pure juice can be consumed until the evening meal. I have been doing intermittent fasting for quite some time now. I have a daily window of 8 hours that I eat and fast for the remaining 16 hours. More and more research comes out discussing the health benefits of fasting.

Western medicine has been telling us that we must basically eat all day. All we have to do is look at the health condition of people in America to see that’s false. I have made a post in the past discussing the benefits of fasting and I would suggest for everyone to do their own research to see the many benefits and forms of fasting.

The Maker’s Diet is also a good choice for wanting to improve your health and to lose weight. If anyone is interested in the program I will drop the link for you to learn more.


Eating For Chron’s Disease And Ulcerative Colitis: Paleo Vegan

In my previous post I discussed how to establish a diet if you have Chron’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis. Now I want to go into how I chose a plant based version of the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP).

Research Phase

I started this process by doing a ton of research. I researched to the point that my face was constantly stuck in a research article, medical journals, Chron’s and UC forums, documentaries, lectures, and etc.. From the research that I gathered I decided to pursue the Vegan AIP.

I chose this for a couple of reasons. When my doctor talked about the possibilities of a j-pouch it was because my bowels needed to rest. My thought was that if I eat foods that are easier for my gut to digest and incorporate intermittent fasting then that would give my bowels the rest that it needs.

My research consistently brought me back to “chronic inflammation”. If you follow my blog then you know that I discuss inflammation and the importance of keeping it controlled on a regular. One of the main culprits of chronic inflammation is an acidic diet. Meat products are heavily acidic. Therefore, I decided to cut out the meat and focus on a plant based, alkaline way of eating.


The first part of the autoimmune protocol is elimination. I feel that it’s extremely important to note that I did not drop everything at once. I broke everything up so that I could guarantee success. With following this protocol I had a double elimination phase. First, the autoimmune protocol calls for the elimination of gluten, sugar, dairy, nightshades, grains, nuts , beans, and large consumptions of fruit. Second, being that I was going vegan that also meant eliminating meat. Also, you are not to eat fried foods.

I instantly got rid of all gluten products and sugary foods. Then I eliminated foods in this order:

  • Beef
  • Poultry
  • Seafood
  • Dairy
  • Legumes
  • Grains
  • Beans
  • Nightshades ( tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, and etc.)

At this point my entire diet consisted of nutrient-dense, leafy green vegetables. For thirty days my diet consisted of cooked kale, spinach, mustard, turnip, and collard greens, cabbage, squash, zucchini, broccoli, asparagus, bok choy, chard, and other vegetables.


There are a couple of things to remember about the re-introduction phase. This is not a green light for you to return to the way that you were eating. Keep in mind that once you’ve reached this point you are probably eating the healthiest that you have ever ate. This is not the time to blow the hard work.

What you’re doing is gradually re-introducing certain plant foods to see how you respond. For example, you have eliminated tomatoes from your diet since it’s a nightshade. Now, you re-introduce tomatoes into your diet and document how your body responds in your food diary. No flare-up could possibly mean that tomatoes are not an issue for you. This is how you go about discovering which foods spark a reaction into your gut and you tailor a diet that suits you.

I have enjoyed the plant based way of eating and have not considered going back to eating meat. With that being said, I have no false illusions that everybody wants to adopt the plant based lifestyle. Even if you prefer to keep meat in your diet you can still follow the autoimmune protocol and reap the benefits. Therefore, I will do some future posts of eating plans that others with IBD are using and having success.


Eating For Chron’s Disease & Ulcerative Colitis

Most of my posts concerning food and autoimmune diseases have been general in its approach. Being that all autoimmune diseases have the same underlying effect it’s easy to speak to them in a broad manner. However, things become very tricky when discussing the irritable bowel diseases in the autoimmune community. These conditions are Chron’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

The diet for someone with these conditions has to be altered in comparison to an individual with Hasimoto’s whom is mostly concerned with the thyroid. Our condition is in our digestive system and unlike other people a healthy meal might consists of skipping the salad. No uniform diet is known to be effective across the board. Everyone’s system responds differently. Eating mushrooms will make me very sick for days. The next person with Chron’s or UC can eat mushrooms with no problem. I can usually handle salads pretty well but some can not.

The most effective formula that I have discovered is to research various eating methods for these conditions, try one that you feel best suits your needs, get a food diary, begin the process of eliminating foods from that eating plan, and tailoring the diet specifically for yourself. I know that it’s overwhelming because I see so many people in Chron’s and UC forums that are struggling with this.

The people that I see struggling the most are the newbies of course. They have so many questions and very few answers. Even those of us whom have been dealing with this for years get stumped sometimes because our body is always changing and so is the information. If you suffer from a different autoimmune disease or just want to be healthier then you can benefit from this also.

It’s important to note that many of these diets consists of an “elimination phase” and a “re-introduction phase”. The phases begin once you’ve established the eating plan you choose to pursue. For example if you choose the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol, you would begin a process of eliminating dairy, legumes, grains, nightshades, gluten, sugar, and carbohydrates from your diet. Once those foods are eliminated you will want to maintain this phase for at least the 30 days suggested by many researchers.

Once the bowels and immune system have had time to rest and reset, you can now enter the “re-introduction phase”. Another important thing to remember is that the re-introduction phase is not your free card to going back to eating garbage. Keep in mind that you have worked extremely hard to reach the end of the elimination phase.

At this point, this should be the healthiest that you have ever ate. Not only are you eliminating junk foods and foods that are harmful to your gut health, you are also introducing yourself to healthier foods. The re-introduction phase is slowly bringing back healthy foods that could be harmful to your gut health. I will use a salad for example. A salad full of nutrient dense, raw vegetables is considered to be one of the healthiest things that you can eat. However, for someone with Chron’s or UC a salad can wreck havoc on your gut. You will want to eliminate the salad initially, but re-introduce it during the re-introduction phase. Keep note in your food diary of how your gut responds to the salad and the ingredients in the salad.

If your gut responds well then we can conclude that maybe raw vegetables are not an irritant to you. Even if that’s the case, you still might want to be cautious even if the food doesn’t cause instant irritability. These foods are listed as gut irritants to us for a reason. It might not hit you today but if you consistently eat raw vegetables then it might come back to haunt you. So that’s how you go about the process of tailoring the diet for your specific need.

I know that it might sound confusing but once you start I promise that it’s an easy process. In my next posts I will show the autoimmune vegan protocol that I used. I will then follow up with several diets that have been implemented with the autoimmune protocol. Hopefully that will give some of the newbies a foundation to build upon.

Here We Go With The Swine Flesh Again

It’s been several weeks since my last post. I have several things going on and one thing that I refuse to do is get up here and throw some gibberish together. I have to be motivated and inspired to post some thought provoking content.

A few days ago Dr. Oz gave me some inspiration and a great chuckle. I do feel it’s worth noting that I’m not a Dr. Oz fan. To me the dude is a weird looking elf that uses half truth fallacies to play off the insecurities and vulnerabilities in women. No respect in that. However, he brought up an interesting subject. It was about the dangers of pork consumption.

If you know me personally, have been following my blog, or have spoken to me online on certain platforms then you know how much I hate pork. Dr. Oz revealed information in regards to a comprehensive study performed by the World Health Organization that specifically charged pork as being the most deadly and unclean meat consumed in America. Not only is it injected with more hormones and given more antibiotics than any other meat, it also contains more parasitic worms.

An investigator whom was involved in the research stated that more people died in America from pork related illnesses than reported homicides. There were a little over 17,000 reported homicides last year. Over 20,000 people died from pork related illnesses last year. Look, the pig isn’t walking around with a pistol threatening to shoot people. It can only kill you if you eat it. There is a choice involved in this matter.

This is where Dr. Oz made me chuckle. After this investigator went through her research giving details to the many dangers of eating pork, Dr. Oz goes on to discuss pork that’s “safer” to eat. To me that’s the equivalent of my doctor telling me about a “safe cigarette” after we just talked about getting lung cancer and emphysema. There is no such thing as SAFE PORK!

As I’ve stated in the past like so many others, the swine ‘s purpose on Earth is to consume filth and garbage. It’s the animal kingdom’s version of a garbage dumpster along with shrimp and other shellfish. That’s why Christ cast a legion of demons into the swine. It’s designed to hold garbage. That’s why it has no sweat glands. Sweating is a method of purifying the body. The swine is designed to hold all of the filth and not purify itself. That’s why its entire body is made of parasitic worms. So eating a pork sandwich is the equivalent of eating from the dumpster of the restaurant that you got it from.

I’ve also shared on other platforms scripture backed facts that The Most High’s chosen people are under grace and the LAW. I recently had a brother try to debate me on this fact. I could tell that he was coming from a genuine place so I advised him not to bring emotions into a fact fight. He said that his Pastor stated the law was done and we are only under grace. I didn’t even get deep into the scriptures with him. I just told him to tell his pastor on Sunday, that the church members will stop paying tithes because tithes was a law given to us in Genesis 14:20, Genesis 28:20-22, Leviticus 27:30, and Numbers 18:26. I bet the Pastor will start teaching the law then because he knows that “grace” dollars will not pay that lawful contract called a mortgage or any other bill. This is what happens when you don’t have any laws. You can eat whatever you want, have homosexuals and undercover pedophiles in prominent positions within the church, pastors and deacons sleeping with people’s wives and other men, people getting robbed of their money, the manipulation of the emotions of middle aged women, effeminate men, women dressed like prostitutes, and all of this is totally fine because under grace I can obtain salvation as long as I simply believe. Even though 1 John 3:4 says:

Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the LAW: for sin is the transgression of the LAW.

If you read the Apocrypha, in particular the Book of Macabees, my Israelite ancestors that were in the Greek captivity were forced to eat pork and adopt the Greek culture. If they refused then they were put to death. There is archeological evidence that shows Pharaoh and the Egyptians fed an abundance of pork to the Israelites during the Egyptian captivity. If we look at the Transatlantic captivity that was prophesied in Deuteronomy 28:15-68, Genesis 15:13, and Isaiah 11:12, European slave owners forced my ancestors to eat pork and accept the ways of the heathen. Notice the common theme that pork was forced onto my people in these captivities. Why is that? It’s because not only is pork physically damaging but it’s spiritually damaging. If you can spiritually break someone then the mind and body will follow. It’s not just about eating pork and abominable foods. It’s about the degradation of a people that comes from a result of it. How can we drop a slave mentality and a slave condition when we are eating a slave diet? Remember, you are what you eat.

Here is the beautiful part. Due to the sacrifice of Christ we are not put to death because of our failure to keep the law. We were struggling with the law and that’s why the sacrifice was needed. So under the grace of the sacrifice we now have a second opportunity to keep these laws and not transgress against them. So, lets keep in mind that when we eat pork we are literally pissing on what Christ died for. So let’s work on keeping those laws and live righteously.


Banned Insecticide From 1972 Still Causing Autism And Breast Cancer

Last Friday I dropped a post about Monsanto’s and the herbicide, Roundup. In the post I discussed how a brother named Dewayne Johnson won a $289 million lawsuit against the conglomerate. I also went into the cancer causing nature of Roundup and the chemical being found in the products that we feed our children for breakfast.

Over the weekend many herbalists, holistic advocates, activists, and many more dropped a ton of information concerning Monsanto’s, Pharmacia, Bayer, and The Rothschild’s involvement in the medical world. Jamie Reno release an article discussing an insecticide named DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane). This particular insecticide was banned in 1972 by the EPA. DDT at the time was thought to be dangerous to humans, animals, and the environment. The assumption made about this chemical turned out to be 100% correct.

The banned chemical remains in our ecosystem and is possibly one of the sources of increased Autism and breast cancer cases. The CDC has reported that 1 out of every 59 births result in Autism. Scientists are researching different scenarios such as environmental factors, unstable genes, viral infections, complications during pregnancy or delivery, and exposure to chemicals. I laugh at the fact that the CDC omitted vaccines. There is an enormous amount of research indicating the MMR vaccine as one of the culprits for this Autism increase. A CDC whistleblower and Congressman Bobby Kenedy Jr. revealed to the world that the CDC destroyed documents that the heavy metals in the MMR vaccine greatly enhanced the risk of autism in black boys.

Anyway, Dr. Alan S. Brown, MPH, a psychiatrist and epidemiologist at Columbia University has made a career studying the risk factors of autism, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. His research shows that even though almost five decades have gone by since DDT was banned, the chemical is still present in our food chain today. Brown and his international team’s researched showed that over a million pregnancies shared a link between the elevated levels of a metabolite of DDT in the blood of pregnant women and increased risk for autism in their children.
His team conducted the study between mother-child pairings. One group was with offspring with autism and the other group without. Maternal blood was taken during early stages of the pregnancy. The blood was then analyzed for DDE, a metabolite of DDT, and PCBs. Research found the odds of autism with intellectual disability in offspring were increased by greater than twofold for the mother with DDE levels in the top quartile. Brown released a statement after the study.
“Unfortunately Brown said, these chemicals are still present in the environment and are in our blood and tissues.”“In pregnant women, they are passed along to the developing fetus,” he said. “Along with genetic and other environmental factors, our findings suggest that prenatal exposure to the DDT toxin may be a trigger for autism.”

DDT is also being linked to breast cancer. Scientists in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism claim that they were able to find a definitive and significant link between breast cancer and DDT exposure. The researchers made this statement:

“We observed a sizable, statistically significant association between in utero DDT exposure and risk of breast cancer in young women and a possible association with more aggressive tumors,” the authors concluded. “These findings are the first ever reported for a prospective observation of a large pregnancy cohort.”

If you would like to read more on this, here is the link

This is a great article on the Medical Daily detailing extensive research on this particular issue with breast cancer.

As I study this, I realize that the rabbit hole goes very deep on this. It’s another multilayered and multiplayer agenda to depopulate the Earth. This situation with Monsanto’s and the many companies in bed with them is nothing to sneeze about. Please research these groups when you have time. You would be shocked at just how much power these guys actually have and whom is backing them.