Dealing With A Cold And Chron’s Disease

If you have a family then you know the struggles that come along with with the cold and flu season. One person becomes ill and then it gets bounced around throughout the entire household. This recently happened in my household and regardless of how hard I fought it, I still became ill. What was weird is that at the same time that I started to develop cold symptoms, I also developed a flare with my Chron’s Disease.

I was wondering as to why my Chron’s flared up. Nothing had changed with my dietary habits, so I found it quite odd. My wife mentioned the fact that I stayed up very late a few nights working on term papers and studying for finals. My cold and Chron’s flare-up occurred after these nights of little sleep. The correlation of a lack of sleep and stress and my illness made sense. Now, fortunately due to the way that I take care of myself my Chron’s flare was not severe and I am recovering well. However, I wanted to do some research to see what the connection is between having a cold and Chron’s Disease.

According to research the cold and flu season can have a direct impact on your Chron’s Disease and for other autoimmune diseases as well. Though more research is needed the Portland VA Medical Center and other researchers have determined a direct link between viral infections and flares of Chron’s and Ulcerative Colitis. The thought is that the virus causes a disruption in the gut flora which sparks the flare. This causes that immune response that I have spoken of in about 20 different post.

Being that the cold and flu season occurs in the winter the issue of Vitamin D was brought up by researchers. I did a post on Vitamin D and it received little attention. Shame on you because the Journal of Chron’s & Colitis showed that people with Chron’s Disease are more likely to have flare-ups if they have lower levels of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is an anti-inflammatory agent therefore, a decrease in Vitamin D can lead to an excess of inflammation.

So if you have Chron’s please take advantage of the warmer months, stay active and take care of yourself. Make sure that you are nutritionally preparing your body for the harshness of the winter. Supplement with your diet to ensure that you are getting everything the body needs to function optimally. Try to stay away from sick people as much as as you possibly can. Please wash your hands and keep your home as sanitized as possible.

So, this won’t be a long post. If you have Chron’s or UC then just know that you must take special care of yourselves during the winter months. Also, please go over to and get you some merchandise to bring in the new year right! Until the next post:



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Strength Training or Cardio?

It’s early in the week and many of you are returning to the day-to-day grind after having a break for the holidays. Maybe you ate a little too much during Thanksgiving weekend and you want to shred some calories. Maybe you’re dreading getting on the treadmill, spending two boring hours in the same space to find out that you only burned 100 calories.

The traditional notion has always been that if you want to lose weight then you perform cardio for a minimum of 30 minutes. If you want to gain mass or get toned then you strength train. We now have scientific research that shows strength training burns more calories, drops more fat, and is better for your heart than cardio. Now, this does not mean to stop doing your cardio activities. By all means continue to perform your cardio. This just simply means that if you’re not incorporating strength training into your routine then you are doing yourself a huge disservice. Strength training does not have to involve free weights. You can use resistance bands, body weight, jugs of water, cans of soup, or anything in the house that will provide resistance. Now let’s take a look at the research.

Researchers from St. George’s University in Grenada analyzed the health and exercise habits of 4,086 adults. The results showed that both activities improved cardiovascular health, but greater improvement was seen in those that strength trained. Resistance training led to a greater decrease in body weight, incidents of diabetes, and blood pressure. In both activities cardiovascular risk factors were reduced by a minimum of 30%. However, the numbers reached almost a 70% reduction in cardiovascular risk factors with those whom engaged in strength training.

In adults aged 45 and older, strength training reduced their BMI, diabetes, and blood pressure. Cycling or running only reduced the body mass index. The research also suggests that senior citizens could get greater results from carrying heavy shopping bags than going for a walk. There might be some out there that cringe at the idea of doing a bunch of strength training. According to the Public Health of England, 30 minutes of moderate intensity training five days a week and strength training twice a week is great. However, if you can’t dedicate seven days a week to training then I personally suggest a rotating schedule. For example, this week you could strength train on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and do cardio on Tuesday and Thursday. Then next week you do cardio on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and strength train on Tuesday and Thursday. This way your training program never becomes old and redundant.

So hopefully that bit of information helps someone that has been questioning this. If you need some inspiration then check out the link for the workout video of the young lady in my featured image. This is 77-year old grandmother and power lifter named Willie Murphy. Her workout is insane and will probably put some dudes to shame. Here is a link to watch her workout. Hope you enjoy.


America And Holiday Health

I can recall a time when I would sit around and stuff my self until I couldn’t move on Thanksgiving. We actually wore it as a badge of honor when you had reached the point that you couldn’t move. Fortunately enough I now realize that this is dangerous and reckless behavior. Unfortunately, millions of people will throw caution in the wind this week and indulge in gluttony.

The reality is that people gain weight during the holidays. On Thursday, the average American will consume close to 5,000 whopping calories! Someone will assist their ailing loved one to the dinner table, pray to God that primarily unhealthy food will nourish them, and then allow a family member with congestive heart failure or diabetes eat food that’s loaded with carbohydrates, refined flour and sugar, fat, sodium, and calories. This is not about condemning. This is the truth of our existence.

The Calorie Control Council estimates that 1 serving of mashed potatoes has roughly 238 calories and 8 grams of fat. One serving of green been casserole has 150 calories and 8 grams of fat. One slice of pecan pie has roughly 456 calories and a crazy 21 grams of fat! I heard a dietitian on television say that it’s okay if you over eat on Thursday because Friday is a new day. You can wake up Friday and get back on track. That’s a foolish idea. That’s not what the holiday season promotes. It promotes gluttony, over spending, over eating, and over indulgence. The holiday season promotes everything that the scriptures speak against. According to various research studies, some studies suggest the average American gains 5 pounds during the holidays while others suggest 7 to 10 pounds. Regardless, they all agree that America gains weight during the holidays.

Quantitative research shows that over 50% of people never lose this weight during the year. So, this just becomes a perpetual habit of poor eating and weight gain. The New Year’s resolution that you usually make is never fulfilled due to a lack of will to remain driven in a pursuit of health and wellness. Therefore, the actual research totally debunks the statement of this idiot dietitian that’s promoting the idea of eating however you want on Thanksgiving. I am not saying that treating yourself is wrong, but if you’re eating horribly all year long then how in the hell is it a treat?

Fortunately, we know that your Thanksgiving feast does not have to be a heart attack served hot and ready. You can improve the quality of your meals by incorporating more plants into your diet. Squash, zucchini, cabbage, nutrient-dense greens such as collards, mustard, kale, turnip greens, and spinach are great to include. Asparagus is always a great option, and contrary to what people believe, brussel sprouts taste great, are easy to prepare, and are loaded with nutrition. Cutting out high fat cheeses and replace butter with applesauce or avocados are great ways to cut back on some of the fat and calories. You could even skip the mashed potatoes and make mashed or roasted cauliflower instead. The possibilities are limitless and eating healthy does not mean eating bland. Soul food vegan restaurants have been successful for thirty years because you can make traditional soul food healthy, plant based, and not lose any flavor.

Another option to consider is to do some form of a workout in the morning and in the evening. You could wake up in the morning and get in a good walk before the family starts rolling in. Then you can take a walk in the evening to walk off some of the food that you consumed. Remember, this thing is about burning more calories than you consume. If you’re consuming calories and not burning them then expect to gain weight. You could also do some intermittent fasting. I do the 16:8 method and it works great. You could start your fast this evening at 8pm and fast until 12pm tomorrow afternoon. During this time your stomach will shrink, therefore preventing you from overeating. Also, you will be consuming a lot of water during the fast which will also prevent you from overeating.

These are just a few suggestions but there are a plethora of things that you can do. Just please do something. The health epidemic that is plaguing America can not be ignored. Do not fall for the agenda that the Babylon system is pushing. You can’t give thanks for a good health that you honestly do not have.

Get Your Vitamin D This Winter

I have discussed the significance of Vitamin D in the past. However, I feel the need to discuss it again since we are entering the cold weather months. 

Our prime source of Vitamin D is sunlight. Even with other alternatives, nothing compares to soaking up rays from the warm, summer sun. Vitamin D is essential to our mental, physical, and emotional health.  Vitamin D absorbs calcium and promotes bone growth. Vitamin D also helps regulate the immune system and the neuromuscular system. It also plays a significant role in cellular regeneration. 

Researchers now know that Vitamin D deficiency is linked to heart disease, colon cancer, depression, weight gain, renal disease, liver disease, celiac, prostate cancer, and breast cancer. According to the Vitamin D Council, vitamin D can be beneficial to the treatments of autoimmune diseases, neuromuscular diseases, autism, flu, osteoporosis, diabetes, cancer, chronic pain, blood pressure, and depression. 

According to James M. Greenblatt M.D., vitamin D helps aid in the release of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. These neurotransmitters are responsible for brain function and development.  Also according to Dr. Greenblatt, researchers have found vitamin D receptors on a handful of cells located in regions in the brain-the same regions that are linked with depression. Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD) is an emotional disorder that features depression. This condition occurs during the autumn and winter months when the days are the shortest and we receive less sun.

Unfortunately, vitamin D is very common and one of the main reasons that diseases are so prevalent. According to a 2011 study, 41.6% of adults in the US are deficient. This number goes up to 69.2% in Hispanics and 82.1% in African-Americans. This is because the melanin in our skin blocks ultraviolet rays from the sun which makes it difficult for our body to produce the vitamin D from the sun rays. This issue becomes increased during the winter months.

There are several symptoms to look for that are signs of being vitamin D deficient. Increased illness and infection, chronic pain, fatigue, bone loss, hair loss, depression, and impaired wound healing are common symptoms of vitamin D defiency. I am heavily melanated, so I make sure to supplement my vitamin D. Most people get their needed vitamin D from fish, but if you’re vegan such as myself, there are plant based ways to get your vitamin D. 

Mushrooms, soy milk, almond milk, fortified cereals, tofu, and certain vitamin D supplements are great ways to get your vitamin D. I take a vitamin D capsule made by Nested Naturals that is made of sunflower oil. So please do your research and make sure you’re getting your vitamin D this winter. It could help circumvent a lot of potential ailments at the end.




The McDeath Is Back

A few days ago I dropped a post titled Let The Poor Eating Begin. I spoke of how the Babylon system turns the holidays into the hell-a-days by promoting what can be summed up as a Luciferian agenda. A huge part of that agenda is poor eating and gluttony. I guess you can call me Cory-damus because I was right on time with that post.

McDonald’s just announced that they are releasing their famous McRib sandwich for a limited time. Ironically, it’s being released just in time for the holiday season. So, I already know that millions of people will be lining up numerous times to stuff this garbage down their throat. If you are unaware of what this slab of foam is made of, let’s do the break down.

First, it’s important to note that McDonald’s provides an ingredient list of their food. Now, how many people actually research the ingredients that are provided in the McDonald’s ingredients list? If you have not, let me help you out. The McRib consists of over 70 ingredients. You need to ask yourself, why does a sandwich with meat, bread, pickles, and onions need 70 ingredients? It’s because you’re basically eating a collection of slime that’s shaped into a meat patty. Even some of the ingredients in the bread and sauce are garbage.

The pickles in the McRib contain a chemical called calcium chloride. It’s used to enhance the salty flavor without increasing the sodium amount. When this chemical interacts with water it causes a reaction called hydrolysis. When this reaction occurs, it leads to irritation to moist linings of the body such as the gut, nostrils, eyes, throat, and mouth. This continued irritation in the gut can lead to gastrointestinal issues such as abdominal pain and burning, diarrhea, and vomiting.

McDonald’s lists flour as one of the ingredients. Nothing wrong with innocent flour right? Technically, McDonald’s is correct. They do include flour. What they fail to mention is that within the flour, they incorporate a bleaching agent called azodicarbonamide. This chemical that’s commonly known as “ADA” is used in plastic goods such as yoga mats and flip-flops. The chemical is responsible for giving these plastic goods their buoyancy. When used in dough, the chemical helps the dough rise faster. By the way, ADA has also been found in numerous grocery store items such as Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches, danish and cinnamon rolls from Little Debbie, Pillsbury Toaster Scrambles and Toaster Strudels, Smuckers Uncrustables, three varieties of Weight Watchers Smart Ones meals, Sara Lee, and Ball Park. Researchers are still studying the effects of this chemical but already know that ADA is linked to cancer, respiratory issues, and allergies.

The last ingredient that I want to focus on pertains to this rib that clearly is not a rib. So, we must ask if it’s not a rib, then what is it? McDonald’s just lists it as pork which is also technically correct. But which part of the swine is used?



If you guessed pig anus and rectum then you are 100% correct!! The patty for the McRib is made of tripe (animal guts), anus, and rectum. If this wasn’t so sad and pathetic it would be funny. This is what good Mickey D’s thinks of you and your children. If you continue to eat this garbage after reading this then it speaks volumes as to what you think of yourself. The old saying is that “You are what you eat”. I guess that would make some of you a bigger a#&hole than me. I had to get that one in.

Side note. For all of you that love to eat disgusting calamari. Chances are you might not be eating calamari.




Now, one of these plates is calamari and the other is pig anus. Go ahead and guess which one is the pig anus. I will wait. Yes, restaurants are using pig anus as calamari in restaurants. So, hopefully someone got something from this. I know one thing for certain. I will gladly continue to eat these delicious fruits and vegetables while some of you stuff yourselves with pig ass for the next couple of months. Again, please take care of yourselves and






Let The Poor Eating Begin

In a few short days millions of Americans will kickoff the holiday season with Halloween. Halloween will begin a two month stretch of the Babylon system promoting behaviors that the scriptures strongly condemns. One of those things is gluttony and bad eating. So, on October 31st, parents will dress their kids up in costumes, go door to door and get candy, come home and eat candy for the next several days, and will go to the stores and buy all of the discounted candy and consume even more sugar.

I know this routine because I used to do the exact same thing. I could crush a 1lb bag of candy corn in one setting without even thinking about it. It was all fun and games until my Chron’s flared up and made me realize that I had to make some changes. Now I don’t eat any candy at all and might have some vegan cookies once every few months. The reality is that it should not have taken for me to get sick to realize that eating all of that sugar is unhealthy. Lets keep it real. Some of you out there could develop diabetes, have your limbs amputated, live on a dialysis machine and still think it’s a good idea to eat a cinnamon roll for breakfast like a damn fool. I have made posts in the past concerning sugar, but I feel the need to bring up the issue again since we are approaching a season that promotes sugar consumption.

I was reading some information concerning just how much sugar is consumed in America for Halloween. I developed a tootache just reading it. First let’s examine just how much money is spent on candy during Halloween. Americans spent $2.3 billion on candy last year for Halloween! Reese’s and M&M made $500 million for Halloween. The average American household spends roughly $50 on Halloween candy. Nine billion pounds of chocolate are sold for Halloween.

So how does that add up in sugar consumption? The average child will consume 3 cups of sugar for Halloween. This comes out to be a crazy 7,000 calories just on candy alone for a child!!! Three cups of sugar is equivalent to 384 grams of sugar. That is 16 times more than the 25 grams and under recommendation set by the American Heart Association. A 13 year-old boy would have to walk 100 miles to walk these calories off.

Now I know that some people are saying that it’s only one night. Let’s keep it real, that one night of gorging on candy is just an reflection of how you eat everyday. Maybe you’re not eating as much, but you’re still eating garbage everyday. The holiday season just gives you an excuse to eat like a garbage dumpster. I know this because I used to do the exact same thing.

As we come into greater knowledge and awareness of what we put in our stomach, let’s not use days like Halloween to ruin ourselves physically. I strongly feel that if we take our health seriously throughout the year then we will not ruin the hard work and dedication for some punk candy. I can guarantee, that if you get diabetes and your foot falls off, that Hershey, Mars, or any of these other candy companies are going to care that your their products are leading you to becoming a double amputee.

If you want to have some candy, fine eat your candy. But show some discipline and eat it in strict moderation. And don’t allow your kids to do whatever they want and eat a ton of candy. Set a limit and stick by your word. If they push the issue then whip that ass. You are the adult. The child can not eat 7,000 calories in candy unless the parents allow them to do so.

If you’re planning on making New Year’s resolutions to eat better then start now! You don’t have to wait until then to change up your lifestyle. Start now and go into the New Year with some momentum. Until the next post: