The Journey Begins

Hello to the fighters and family members of the fighters of autoimmune diseases. My name is Cory Whitfield and I was diagnosed with Chron’s Disease 20 years ago at the age of 16. Through the numerous ups and downs, trials and tribulations, I stand here dedicated not only to live a fruitful and productive life, but also to help as many as I can along the way.

After going through a severe flare up a little over a year ago I began to really notice a few things. First, I have been diagnosed with Chron’s for 20 years and have never met someone with Chron’s, ulcerative colitis, or celiac disease. Sure there are people at the GI doctor that have these conditions, but I would feel very weird asking random people at the GI ” Hey there guy, how did the ol’ ram a camera up your anus and rectum exam go”? It makes me wonder if people are nervous about discussing these issues because of embarrassing symptoms that may come along with it.

Second, I noticed that modern medicine places a strong emphasis on symptom suppression and totally ignores the root cause of the disease. The medicines offered for Chron’s and other autoimmune diseases suppresses the immune system , but does nothing to deal with the gut issues that lead to the immune response that causes the inflammation. Most operations used in combating Chron’s disease are often a temporary fix that leads patients to having further operations down the road.

Third and one of the key reasons I decided to start this blog, there are no Chron’s support groups where I live. Now again I have never met another person with Chron’s but I am meeting people with various autoimmune diseases every other day. They like so many others are looking for solutions to overcome the hardships we all share in autoimmune diseases.

I am certainly not claiming to know all about this thing, but I have done a significant amount of research and have found a natural way to keep my Chron’s in check. There is not one way to fight this thing and everybody responds differently, but I want to share my experiences and also have others come and leave information on what they are going through. I am interested to know the conditions people are being diagnosed with, what has and hasn’t helped, diet and supplement tips, and everything that embodies the paradigm of healthy and natural living. My goal is to post several times a week and really get this community jumped off. My next post will focus on the timeline of my Chron’s Disease. In the meantime if you haven’t watched it, Jonathan Otto’s seven part documentary called Autoimmune Secrets is a must have to establish a great foundation in understanding autoimmune diseases.

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