Diet For Healing

With the understanding that the world of BigPharma is a joke, I understood that it was time to re-examine how I ate and my overall view of health. I am not telling the world that this is what you need to do. I am simply saying that this has worked for me.

I wanted to start my research by learning foods that I would eliminate from my diet. I constantly ran into the phrase”leaky gut”. I had never heard of this in my life and initially felt it was some pseudo medical term. But upon further research it started to make a lot of sense. The root cause of autoimmune is in the gut. All health begins and ends in the gut. Your gut lining is created with low permeability so that only micronutrients from food can pass through it. But certain foods will cause the permeability of the gut to increase allowing toxins, proteins, food particles, and more to pass through. Once these particles pass through the gut lining they enter the bloodstream as foreign invaders.

Now your immune system is like a marine battalion ready for war once it detects these foreign invaders. The action take by the immune system to eliminate these invaders causes inflammation. After time, chronic inflammation occurs because of the hyperactivity of the immune system. The immune system goes haywire and begins to attack its own tissue. This is the beginning of an autoimmune disease.

One of the main culprits that causes this gut situation is gluten. Gluten is the protein that gives wheat products its elastic texture. The genetic modification and pesticides sprayed on the wheat has played a roll. With the constant exposure to gluten our body remembers the protein and develops a weaponized defense against it. Gluten appears very similar to many of our tissue especially the thyroid. Being that the immune system has gone haywire and fighting everything that appears to be gluten, the tissues that look like gluten are attacked also. For this reason gluten was the first thing I eliminated.

The next food that I eliminated was all dairy products. The casein in dairy has the same mimicry ability as gluten. My next step was eliminating sugar from my diet. Sugar was like a narcotic to me. I couldn’t go a day without eating something sweet. My wife can tell you that wiping out a family pack of Oreos on a Saturday night was child’s play. It also was destroying my gut. Look, sugar is easily one of the most destructive things that you can eat. Sugar is all over the place and in everything that you eat. Just look at the labels on your food. There is probably sugar hidden behind one of its may aliases in over half of the food you buy. Chronic inflammation, blood sugar spikes, bad bacteria in the gut, and hormone imbalances are just a few of the issues caused by sugar.

Next I removed all processed and genetically modified foods from my diet. I am sensitive to the fact that organic food is more expensive than gmo foods. Not every household has the resources to afford organic goods. I just say, continue to improve your diet and even if your produce isn’t organic it’s still better than a candy bar or bag of chips.

At this point I was starting to feel pretty good but still felt like I had room to improve. I continued to research and found studies that linked the consumption of meat to coronary heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other chronic issues. My mother passed from cancer and having Chron’s increases my risk of developing colorectal cancer. This really opened my eyes because I felt as if I had four strikes working against me because I’m black and male. And let’s keep it real, the meat of today is not the same meat that your grandparents ate. Meat today is raised in harsh, disgusting, and bacteria filled conditions. They are pumped with antibiotics and steroids, then get fed genetically modified corn and  other gmo’s. I even question when the meat is labeled as “farm raised” or “wild caught”. The FDA approves cloned, genetically modified meat for the purpose of consumption. So even if I have a farm and raise my own animals, how do I know that the animals that I have were not the offspring of some cloned species. So by default even though it’s a test tube piece of meat, I can still label or call it  farm raised if it was raised on my farm. So I decided to go vegan and did so in steps. I already didn’t eat pork, so I gradually weaned myself off the beef, then the poultry, then seafood, and the last step was eggs.

While weaning myself off the meat, I began to introduce myself to new fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs and recipes. This is very important because if you’re not doing this you will find yourself eating the same thing over and over. Going vegan and cutting out gluten has been a life saver for me. I wish that I would’ve made this move sooner but I had to go through this struggle to realize how great the vegan life is. My food is my medicine and my medicine is my food. Again, I am not trying to tell people that you must go vegan but taking care of your health should be taken seriously. The consumption of the western diet is killing people left and right. In my next post I am really going to go hard on people about taking better care of themselves. So if you have tissue paper thin emotions this post will not be for you. So just wondering if anyone has been able to reverse their autoimmune disease with diet alone? What diet did you use? I also plan on discussing some of the other “diets” that are being used to reverse autoimmune diseases. So until the next time, EAT TO LIVE!


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