Working Out With An Autoimmune Disease

For me personally, exercising is just as important as eating a plant based diet. Exercise is important for a multitude of reasons that we are already aware of. A good and consistent workout plan is another tool to help fight an autoimmune disease.

Improving Mental Health

When dealing with an autoimmune disease you encounter many ups and downs. There are so many frustrations that you deal with according to your disease. I have Chron’s so it’s the multiple trips to the bathroom, stomach aches and other symptoms that come along with it. A great workout keeps my spirits up. When things are frustrating me, I can take it out on the squat rack or the bench press and feel so much better. My mind feels so much sharper and I feel intune with everything my body is telling me. My body feels strong enough to handle a potential flare which makes me mentally prepared to handle a flare.

Get To Know Yourself

This is very important to do if you have an autoimmune disease. You must be able to tell the signs that you’re pushing yourself to hard. I workout five days a week for about two hours, but I know how to tell that my body is having an inflammatory response to my workouts. Inflammation is public enemy #1 to an autoimmune disease sufferer. During times that I feel the inflammation I focus on getting more sleep, resting, eating good quality food, and staying as alkalized as possible.

When Things Flare Up, You Sit Down

I love to go super hard on my workouts. I take it very seriously, but I know when my body needs to sit down. When I am going through a flare, the last thing on my mind is working out. It makes me upset because I can see some of my gains lost during a flare up. However, I shake it off because I know it’s pushing my body on the good days that allow me to fight like hell on the bad days. With my last flare up I took two months off. You have to find the positives that are hiding in the cloud of negativity. This crisis just provides me with a new opportunity to show my Chron’s Disease that this is my body and I will have the victory at the end of the day.


So implementing a good workout routine with a great diet plan is excellent for fighting your autoimmune disease. Just take the time to find out what works for you and allow your body to speak to you.


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