The Lost Art of Fasting

During my last flare up the GI specialist said that my bowels needed to rest. He told me that if all else failed I would be placed with an ostomy bag. I began to do research and agreed with the fact that my bowels did need to rest. However, I wasn’t as quick to jump on the ostomy idea as fast as my doctor.

How To Eat To Live

The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote a book titled “How To Eat To Live”. In the book he discussed how we cut years off of our lives with the type of food that we eat, and the amount of food we consume. Our digestive system is always heavily taxed trying to digest the large amounts of food we eat. He suggested that we should eat one time a day. If we eat the proper foods, this one meal would be more than enough for us to thrive. It’s up to you to decide if eating one meal a day is a legitimate idea. One thing that is factual is that Americans eat too much. Even when we sleep most of our organs and bodily functions slow down. However, Mr. Gut is still running on 1000 trying to digest your fried pork chops, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, and banana pudding.

Decision To Fast

I came to a conclusion that I needed to cut back my food intake and allow my guts to rest. I reviewed some eating plans and came across doing a fast. Fasting is something that is practiced in many cultures and religions. It’s something that used to be prevalent when I was younger, but now seems to be a lost art. Not only would fasting provide my guts with rest, but it also would reset and regenerate my immune system.

Two Week Fast

I decided to go on a two week fast. I gathered up my herbs and bentonite clay. I took two days leading up to my fast eating all raw fruits and veggies. Then I switched to juicing and drinking salads. I used swiss chard, kale, dandelion greens, spinach, avacado, green apples, cucumbers, and red onions. I drunk this for roughly 11 days and diluted the juice with more water day by day. Once it reached the point that my juice was all water I drank a mixture of water, cayenne pepper, and lemon for three days. During this process I was taking my herbs and using the bentonite clay to help with the detox.

End Result

The fast gave my digestive system the rest that it needed. I also felt better, was energized and looked refreshed. It shocked my doctor how well the fast worked, but that’s because holistic approaches to medicine is totally out of his realm. I would suggest fasting to anyone battling an autoimmune disease. Maybe start off with two days and then work your way up until you can fast for a couple of weeks. Take time off from working out so you can save your energy. This is also a wonderful time for meditation and prayer. You can greatly strengthen your spiritual essence during this time. Give fasting a try!

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