Humira: “Good news is that your Chron’s is in remission. Bad news is that you have cancer, TB, and life threatening infections”.

I took Humira for over a year and was able to gradually wean myself off. This was the final drug I was prescribed after being on methotrexate, flagyl, levaquin, and prednisone. I remembered Humira from the cheesy commercials. The actors always bloviated about how wonderful and great the product was. Then at the end they would very quickly tell you that you might lose your left ear and grow two extra toes.

Real Talk

Let’s keep it real about Humira. I know that its very easy to bash pharmaceuticals, but when you’re going through a Chron’s or UC flare you don’t give two damns where the relief comes from. At times you might be suffering so bad that death seems sweeter than carrying on. So does Humira work? From my experience, yes Humira does make you feel better and you can achieve remission with it. However……

What is this?

Several months into taking Humira, I started to have blisters pop up all over my body. I would look at the blisters saying ” what in the sam hell is this”! These patches of blisters were very itchy and painful. I tried taking benadryl, used cortisone cream, calamine lotion, rubbing alcohol, and everything in the medicine cabinet. They grew increasingly worse to the point that I had boils that needed to be lanced. My doctor told me since my immune system had been compromised by the Humira, a bacterial infection had developed on my skin. I was given antibiotics and this became a reoccurring thing. Even if I would have switched medicines it would’ve been more of the same because they all suppress the immune system.

Do I suggest taking the meds?

I don’t tell people not to take medicine. I realize that sometimes things can be so critical that you need the medicine. I have taken several medications to suppress my Chron’s and I make no apologies for that. However, we must explore other alternatives because we can’t live on the medications forever. The problem with the medications is that they don’t treat anything. They simply cover the symptoms hence the name immuno-SUPPRESSANTS. The medicines simply suppress the immune system giving the illusion that your condition is improving. This allows the doctors and pharmaceutical companies to keep you in a state of limbo.  You’re healthy enough not to die, but far from being healed. You have become a perpetual profit for the medical industry. Then with the fact that drugs like Humira are linked to cancer, TB, and other fungal infections; your single diagnosis has now formed like Vultron into several conditions. Now you’re the patient of several doctors and prescribed several medications. The collection plate is now being passed around by the medical industry on your behalf.


I give much thanks to The Most High that my Chron’s is much better and being treated naturally. I still have some lingering affects from the Humira but it’s getting better. So, I won’t tell anyone not to take the medicine, but I will say buyer beware.

2 thoughts on “Humira: “Good news is that your Chron’s is in remission. Bad news is that you have cancer, TB, and life threatening infections”.

  1. Hey Cory,

    Sorry to hear that you’ve got Chrons, but also happy to hear that it’s much better than it was and that it’s being treated naturally now!

    It’s so hard knowing what to do when you find yourself in a situation where you’re in pain, need some relief, but also don’t want to be consuming/taking pharmaceutical drugs; like you say it’s sometimes necessary for them when situations are severe but when you’re very conscious about that sort of thing anyway it’s a real pain in the ass…

    Glad to see natural methods are helping you though and I’d love to know how you find living on a plant-based diet and how other people also react to that? I’ve adopted a WFPB diet for almost a year now due to my own health reasons and have felt massive benefits!

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    1. It’s great to know that you’ve decided to adopt a plant based way of eating. It’s in my opinion the best way to manage health issues. With the plants and elimination of gluten, my gut lining has healed and intestinal inflammation has decreased dramatically. I am glad that your health has also improved and keep me updated on your progressions.

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