What’s Up With The Holistic Doctors? Pt.1

Since 2015 there have been a string of deaths and disappearances involving holistic doctors. My favorite physician of all time is Dr. Sebi. He passed of unusual circumstances in August of 2016. Dr. Sebi came to the U.S. in the 1980’s with the goal to heal humanity. He was most famous for proving in a  Supreme Court case that he did in fact cure AIDS and many other diseases.

The Impact of Dr. Sebi 

People to this day are still feeling the effects of Dr. Sebi’s untimely passing. To western medicine he was considered a “quack” whom practiced psuedo medicine. However, to the black community and also many in the white community he was a gift from the The Most High. He gave hope to people that had lost all hope. He genuinely cared about the life of human beings. He was a spiritual being that understood the greatest medicine came from the Earth that God created. He laid the groundwork for us to find out that AIDS was a means of biochemical warfare produced by the United States government. When you listen to the man speak, he talks about spiritual health just as much as the physical. See if one of these greedy, sociopathic doctors talk to you about the importance of spiritual wellness. That would require of you to first have a soul. How many individuals would have had the guts to look at law enforcement, judges, attorneys, the State of New York, and the government and say “I cured AIDS then, I cure AIDS now, and as long as I’m alive I will cure AIDS”. Then he had eyewitness accounts to testify and drop receipts to support his claims. He stood on the principles of truth and refused to be budged.

The God Father

Dr. Sebi is the progenitor and God Father of the new age herbalist movement. Some may have expanded on his works but he will go down as the forefather. What’s so wonderful is that these are young beautiful black people becoming intune with mind, body, soul, and nature. We are now aware of the fact that we have been used as medical lab rats since the days of chattel slavery. Many of us question everything that the Babylon system offers. If Babylon pushes it, then it can’t be good. Many from the more affluent communities already knew about the dangers of modern medicine and we are now catching up.

Death of Dr. Sebi

We’ve heard many stories about the death of Dr. Sebi. It’s very hard to know what the truth is but, Mrs. Sebi is keeping the vision alive. I am a believer that Dr. Sebi was the victim of the same corrupt system that is behind the deaths of over 60 holistic doctors. They can’t have any interference in their multi-billion dollar empire known as Big Pharma. Dr. Sebi said it perfectly:

“ A society that keeps cures a secret so they can continue to sell medication for huge profits is not a real society but a huge mental asylum”.



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