Environmental Racism and Genocide





There have been some events going on in Eastern North Carolina that has really touched the core of my existence. Though I have not lived or been in this area much in the past 10+ years, its still home. I have family and friends here and many Blacks and Hispanics in this area are becoming terminally ill at the hands of satanic corporations and politicians.

Hog Farming

Farming was always a staple of Eastern NC. Many people regardless of how large or small the amount of land they owned raised hogs. Plenty of small small hog farmers made a living with the practice of raising animals in a humane manner. My father and his family grew up raising hogs. Quite honestly, I can’t think of any black farmers that didn’t raise hogs. They also raised chickens, turkeys, and other animals also. The animals were never abused and you knew what they were eating. They weren’t injected with steroids or antibiotics. They weren’t grafted with other organisms. They were the epitome of “farm raised.”

Big Corporations

Murphy Brown LLC, which is a subsidiary of Smithfield foods moved into Warsaw, NC and totally changed the game. It’s the largest pork producing company in the world. North Carolina is second in the nation in pork production behind Iowa. The NC pork industry has a gross of 9.5 billion dollars annually. Here’s an idea of just how wicked these people are. When Murphy Brown started to build their operations, they literally stole land from a woman  by the name of Rene Miller. When she filed complaints, her mother and herself received verbal and physical threats. What’s the huge deal you ask?

Making It Rain 

With so many hogs congested in a small area in Duplin County, NC certain things have to be considered. The pigs live in concentrated animal feeding operations or “CAFO’s.” The pigs live in tight, filthy, and congested housing that has concrete slab flooring. The concrete flooring has grates in which the hog waste goes through and drains into anaerobic lagoons. These lagoons are nestled in the neighborhood of the Black and Hispanic communities. We are looking at 15.5 million pounds of hog crap being pumped into the communities of these people. My dear brothers and sisters are living in a deadly cloud of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia that emits from the lagoons. The waste seeps into the ground and bodies of  water killing the fish and destroying the ecosystem. Test have shown elevated levels of antibiotics, estrogen, bacteria, protozoa parasites, pesticides, and heavy metals in the soil and drinking water. What makes things worst is that when these lagoons fill up, the hog waste is sprayed onto neighboring farms for fertilizing purposes. However, the showers of urine and feces are raining on the people and their property. Ms. Rene Miller described it as walking into a “soaking rain shower.” This is not rain however. It’s literally pig urine and feces. People are not able to have cookouts or outdoor gatherings because of this. Ms. Miller has a family cemetery on her land and burials are almost impossible to get through. They can’t go to church on Sundays because their clothes are soaked in waste by the time they arrive. Even when the people go inside their homes, the smell enters into their home.

There is also the smell of rotting corpses in the air. The company lays out “dead boxes.” These are boxes of dead hog bodies near the property of the residents. These boxes of rotting hogs attract buzzards, large black flies, and many other pests.

Eastern NC is located in the coastal plains region of the state. When major hurricanes make landfall this area is susceptible to lots of flooding and wind damage. Hurricane Matthew brought catastrophic flooding to this region in October 2016. Nearly 5 million turkeys from the the neighboring Butterball company drowned during the flood and littered the area with their carcasses. Furthermore, several million hogs also drowned and littered the area, but the total amount remains undisclosed to the public.

Environmental Racism

When I spoke to family over the weekend, I was told that people are dying in this area. Cancer, respiratory issues, asthma, and other conditions have become extremely prevalent. It makes me wonder what type of birth defects are occurring with the babies? How does this impact the womb and the life that grows within it? Research published by the late Steven Wing, a professor of epidemiology at the University of North Carolina’s Gillings School of Global Public Health, linked similar health concerns to proximity to hog farms. At a TED conference, Mr. Wing said:

In 1995, I began to meet neighbors of industrial hog operations,” he said. “I saw how close some neighborhoods are to hog operations. People told me about contaminated wells, the stench from hog operations that woke them at night, and children who were mocked at school for smelling like hog waste. I studied the medical literature and learned about the allergens, gases, bacteria, and viruses released by these facilities – all of them capable of making people sick.”

Air pollutants from the routine operation of confinement houses, cesspools, and waste sprayers affect nearby neighborhoods where they cause disruption of activities of daily living, stress, anxiety, mucous membrane irritation, respiratory conditions, reduced lung function, and acute blood pressure elevation,” Wing and fellow UNC researcher Jill Johnston wrote in a 2014 study.

These gentleman also found that North Carolina’s hog industry disproportionately affects African Americans, Hispanics, and Native Americans. The researchers concluded that this pattern is recognized as environmental racism.

Fighting Back

Supported by the North Carolina Environmental Justice Network, 500 residents have filed a lawsuit against Murphy Brown. However, we know how the game goes. The pork industry has NC legislators in their back pocket. The pork industry pumps large amounts of cash into the campaigns of those willing to dance with Satan.


So where do we go from here? This situation has made me think about my mother passing away from breast cancer. It makes me think about other family members whom have also battled cancer and other diseases. I now have to wonder what role this played. I think about how oblivious I was to the reality of what was being done because I can remember the spraying. My God you can never forget the smell.

However, I can’t dwell on it too much because that’s all in the past. As my elder Pharaoh Ramses El-Aton always says ” Our mindset must always be futuristic. Forward ever, backwards never.” Even with the supposed regulations that have been imposed by the EPA, they’re all temporary band aids and it doesn’t eliminate the issue. My people in Eastern NC, you must stop eating animal flesh! The only way to solve this issue is to put a dent in the pockets of these companies. The elder Brother Pharaoh “visit his website at http://www.veganintel.com has been hammering the fact that we as a people are financing our own genocide. How can we say “Black Lives Matter” when black health doesn’t matter. We give meat companies our dollars and in return they give us diseased meat and poor environmental conditions. We then become sick and dependent upon the pharmaceutical companies that are in bed with  the legislators that allow the companies to kill us in the first place. Its one big nasty cycle. God bless his soul, but my cousin passed away in my front yard a few hours after my mother’s burial. I don’t know all of the circumstances of his death, but you will never convince me that stuffing himself with hog chitterlings didn’t play a huge role.

If we go plant based it’s a win all the way around. The health of the people improves, the environment improves, and animals are no longer forced to suffer. Even boycott the stores that sale Smithfield and Butterball products. Eastern NC has some of the most plentiful and fertile farming land in the nation. Get back to the science of growing your own food. What do you think people were doing before Piggly Wiggly and Super Wal-Mart.

We must take our money and our health back. Need more reason to stop eating the swine flesh ? This is the bible belt, so let’s go in scripture. Mark 7:15 doesn’t give you the right to eat whatever you want. Read the words of Mark Chapter 7. Jesus is not telling us that swine itself is what defiled us. It’s the fact that God has already cursed this beast, so your disobedience to eat it anyway reveals the true nature of your heart. You love him in words, but your disobedience tells another story. Isaiah 28:10 tells us that we must study the scripture “line upon line, precept upon precept.” The Jews of antiquity maintained the law before the birth of Christ, during the life of Christ, and after the crucifixion. Jesus himself maintained the law. In Matthew 5:17, Jesus tells us that he didn’t come to change the law or the prophets but to fulfil. So if Jesus kept the law, what in the hell gives you the nerve to think that you can eat swine flesh and every other disgusting thing on the planet. How can you walk like Christ when you can’t even eat like the man! How can you be a soldier in God’s army hooked up to a ventilator. When it goes down, who wants someone that can’t even run a block fighting beside them. Genesis, Proverbs, Leviticus, Daniel, Deuteronomy, Luke, Exodus, Peter, Isaiah, Corinthians, and Habakkuk gives us dietary laws. Must be pretty important if it’s covered in 11 books. Malachai 3:6 says ” For I am the Lord, I change not.” This totally ruins any claims of swine now being good to eat. Now your argument with eating correctly is with the Most High God and not with me.


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