Importance of Gut Health


I remember when I was diagnosed with Chron’s in 1998 it was described to me as an irritable bowel disease. It was only until a few years ago that I became familiar with the term autoimmune disease. I’m not even sure if my doctor was aware that it was an autoimmune disease back then. I was just told the areas that my Chron’s affected, there was no cure, and there were many theories as to how one becomes diagnosed with Chron’s Disease.

When I became awakened to the autoimmune aspect of Chron’s I became confused. I went from hearing that it’s some random condition that was potentially brought on by the fact that my father was a Vietnam Veteran to my immune system is a raging lunatic. I started to do research because certainly there was more to it than just my overactive immune system. The doctors are fine with this because they can prescribe a high dollar immunosuppressant and call it a day. I began to hear about gut health and it’s at the root of all of our health issues. I workout five days a week but there isn’t an exercise designed to work your gut and digestive system. That is maintained by diet and detox.

I can assure you that having poor gut health will eventually lead to issues, with the lungs, brain, skin, bones, and so much more. The gut is the second brain and foundation of our immune system and good bacteria. Its amazing how the health of your gastrointestinal system also impacts your mood and mental health.

My first suggestion to anyone dealing with a chronic illness is to get your gut health restored. Without knowing this information I would still be suffering from Chron’s instead of living a quality life with Chron’s.

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