Can We Trust It?

In the U.S., drug culture is as American as baseball cards and racism. I honestly don’t know many people that have never been high in their life. Hell, back in the days I used to wake up every day to a good morning blunt. So what’s better than smoking weed and getting the munchies? Smoking weed, getting the munchies, while at the same time treating a chronic illness that modern medicine has failed to remedy.

Arthritis, cancer, glaucoma, MS, Chron’s and other autoimmune diseases, AIDS symptoms and so many more conditions have had positive responses to marijuana. As of now, 29 states have passed legislation for medical marijuana. I live in Tennessee, and parents of children whom suffer from conditions that are treated with medical marijuana out of state are advocating very hard for the passing of medical marijuana legislation.

I’ve been asked by people if I would ever consider using medical marijuana for my Chron’s if it ever became legal. I use hemp protein and realize the many uses of hemp products. Maybe I would consider it, but my days of getting high are over. I know there is CBD oil, however my research shows that the THC is actually good for Chron’s.

It’s wonderful that people are finding something that alleviates the pain and suffering they are going through, however something brings me concern. Medical marijuana is being produced by pharmaceutical companies. Some of these pharmaceutical companies are the same manufactures of drugs that made you want to get away from pharmaceuticals in the first place. If we can’t trust them with the regular drugs they produce, why are we so gullible to believe that the marijuana is any better? It sounds like we may potentially be putting ourselves in a dangerous situation.

Let me give an example. I did a previous post on Humira and the dangers of it. It’s linked to various forms of cancer any leukemia, infections and other diseases. Humira is created by the pharmaceutical company Abbvie. Abbvie has been making Marinol for several years, but they’re expanding on their cannabis line of products. Now, if I know that Abbvie’s top product and highest selling drug in the nation is linked to severe health conditions, why would I trust this product just because it’s marijuana. What freaking sense does that make? So all of a sudden Satan has a conscious?

If I were pushing an agenda marijuana would be the perfect vehicle to push the agenda. People will pay attention to the side effects of Humira, but wouldn’t blink an eye at the possibility of marijuana being a threat to our health. People will be rushing to get that prescription filled and make a pit stop to Popeye’s not realizing that Abbvie has created a weed product more dangerous than the fried gmo chicken they’re about to eat.

I just suggest watch who you are getting your marijuana from and be aware of the chemicals being used to enhance the potency.

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