The Goal And Purpose

I’ve had some people ask me why I chose the title collectively conquering autoimmune and what’s the goal and purpose of it. As I was recovering from my last Chron’s flare up I began doing intense research. In this research I continuously ran across this term “autoimmune”. I always knew Chron’s was an inflammatory bowel disease along with ulcerative colitis, but I had never heard it described as autoimmune. I had heard of the term but never took the time to understand the meaning.

What is Autoimmune?

Autoimmune simply put is when the immune system attacks healthy cells. I’ve went into details in earlier post on what triggers this immune respone, so I won’t waste time repeating those details here. Your doctor may describe it as your immune system being overactive. I find that definition to be insufficient. Think of your immune system as being the greatest boxer on Earth, fatigued and blind folded. You place him in the ring tired and blind folded with his opponent and thirty other people. The boxer is going to try to knockout any and everything within arm’s reach without discrimination even if it means you. So the immune system isn’t simply overactive. It has become confused as to what is friend or foe.

Collectively Conquering

I had wondered if autoimmune was some rare condition but quickly learned that’s an emphatic no! Over fifty million people suffer from a form of autoimmune disease and many more if you take in account diseases that are autoimmune in nature, but don’t fall under the umbrella. Now some people might look at the title and bypass it because they’re not aware of the diseases that are considered autoimmune.

If you have eczema, asthma, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, hepatitis, type 1 and 2 diabetes, dementia, multiple sclerosis, lupus, hypothyroidism, and cancer then you have an autoimmune disease or a condition autoimmune in nature. These are common conditions that afflict our loved ones everyday.

That’s the collection in the “collectively”. How many of you either have one of these ailments or have loved ones dealing with them? Everybody. I listened to an almost four hour lecture by Ron Shields on how he reversed eczema and asthma. Though I don’t have these conditions, the cause and effects, and natural treatments are very similar to Chron’s.

The process of conquering these diseases or what we refer to as “reversing” can only be obtained when we collectively share information that’s not provided by those in western medicine. The masses are unaware of the dangers associated with gluten and dairy products. Doctors are not informing people of the importance of gut health and what the gut microbiome is. Its the sharing of foods, herbs, supplements, workout routines, and etc. that gives individuals the ability to take their lives back from a future doomed of prescription drugs. Modern medicine focuses only on the suppression of symptoms while natural remedies puts the body in proper balance to heal itself. The sooner you realize that the industry of Big Pharma, FDA, CDC, commercial agriculture, and other institutions don’t care about you the better off you will be.

My goal is to do my part to inform the people of how to improve their health. I especially want to push this agenda in the Black community. Its interesting how we feel Black lives matter for so many things except when it’s dinner time. We will sit down, stuff our guts with all types of junk, and then act like it’s a badge of honor that we stuffed ourselves to the point that we can’t move. White supremacy doesn’t even have to work hard to kill us. Take us to a buffet and we will kill ourselves. Get mad if you want but I’m telling the truth. I’m guilty of doing the exact same thing in the past. People want everybody under the sun to pray for them because they’re ill, but they have yet to take one step forward to improve their own condition. Others can’t care about your health more than you care about your own.

It’s deeper than just autoimmune diseases. You discover even more just how wicked and satanic this system really is. People better get the foolish idea that Satan is some boogeyman under the ground with a pitchfork burning people out of their minds. Satan is a spiritual essence manifested through a physical conduit. So you look at the characteristics of an individual and there’s your devil. Only a devil would put ingredients in your child’s food that other nations have banned from giving to their dogs. Only a devil would put ingredients in children’s vaccinations that lead to autism, cancer, respiratory issues, and other conditions. Only a devil would use a natural plant like soy to weaponize the food against men. Soy lowers testosterone levels dramatically and almost all of our food has soy or a soy byproduct. This is partly the reason that we have so many punkdafied men that think it’s cool to wear rompers and dresses. Only a devil would come up with the idea to create animals in a test tube for the purpose of human consumption. You’ve got to wake up and know when the freaking anti Christ is staring you in the face.

How many of us take environmental factors into consideration? Its a real dynamic when considering our health. Chemtrails, personal hygiene products, cleaning products, cooking equipment,  tooth fillings, and many other things have a significant impact on our overall health. These are things that must be discussed because it’s playing a role in the decline of our public health.

Mental health seems to be a component we miss in discussing overall health. Mental health is almost taboo in the Black community. Sometimes when you go through a mental health assessment you’re asked questions of your physical health. If your physical health is bad, it can lead to poor mental health and vice versa. Dis-ease of the mind can lead to dis-ease of the body and soul.

So my desire is to inform, network, research, and continue to bang out this information. I have many things in the near future to discuss. I’m in the works of doing some joint health ventures in the future with individuals that are also passionate about health. So remember that your health is your wealth.







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