Idea For The Weekend


It’s almost summer and the temperature is starting to warm up. The weekend is upon us once again and we all know the usual summer routines. The ladies have to get their hair and nails done, the fellas have to hit the barbershop and get tightened up. Maybe you want to hit the car wash, get the ride clean and take a ride to the beach. All of these things sound nice but I have another idea for you. Take a ride over your to your local Farmer’s Market!


I absolutely love to hit the Farmer’s Market on a Saturday and enjoy the many things that are there. For a few moments I get a piece of heaven. My wife gets frustrated because I take so long but I can’t help it. There’s absolutely nothing better than fresh, locally grown produce that you can trust.


Let’s keep it real. You eat food everyday were some random ass weirdo is in a laboratory dressed like Darf Vader genetically modifying your food in a test tube and petri dish. When you go to the Farmer’s Market you have face to face interactions with the individuals that are growing your food. The local growers take pride in producing food that is organic and without pesticides and herbicides. I went to the Farmer’s Market recently and the farmer was showing me pictures of the farm. When was the last time McDeath, Murder King, Drunken Doughnuts, Taco Hell, Pizza Slut, or any of those chain restaurants showed you where they get their food.


Two things need to happen. We first need to support our local growers. The only way that we can combat these large commercial farms is by patronizing our small farmers. We can talk all of the crap that we want, but until we fight this battle with our money and impact their bottom line then it means nothing. We must make their profits suffer. Secondly, we need to kick China’s food out of here. Those dudes make food that is literally made out of plastic. How can we even think about health when we’re eating plastic rice and cabbage. The trade war that’s on the verge of happening between America and China is about to make China place high tariffs on products including agriculture. To that I say great! Are you really willing to pay more for the garbage that China is trying to feed you? Hell no and that is clear insanity. Take those dollars over to the Farmer’s Market, support your local growers, and keep as much money in your community as possible.

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