Supplement Brands I Use And Trust

This will be the final post on supplements. I want to show the brands that I use, trust, and give tips on how to determine if you have a good product.

First and foremost, when you go online and you’re looking for herbs and supplements watch out for the snake oil salesman. These bums are all over YouTube. These bums understand that many people are suffering from health issues, have lost trust in modern medicine, and want to try natural remedies. They play on your desire to get healthy and pluck at your emotions. They use these really BIG words to give off the impression that they are extremely knowledgeable about overall health. Do some research and you will quickly realize that these guys have no clue on what they are talking about. If the individual can not take the highest knowledge and break it down to were the common man can understand then don’t buy his product. These are the individuals that will eventually have hundreds, if not thousands of comments and videos made about them being scam artist.

When I research supplements, I always look for products that have been 3rd party tested. This means that an independent organization has reviewed the manufacturing process of a product and has independently determined that the final product complies with specific standards for safety, quality or performance. It makes me feel better that a company will go another level to prove the legitimacy of their products.

I also like to use reviews given by people whom are in the same category as I am. For example, I’m a member of the Chron’s and Ulcerative Colitis Group and we have discussions on things that work and don’t work. If several people are singing high praises about a particular brand of a natural supplement then it’s worth at least researching.

Amazon offers verified purchaser reviews and they are very helpful. Sometimes when you go to a brands website they always have the positive reviews on display but delete the negative reviews. That’s so unrealistic to give the impression that you have a 100% satisfaction rate. Not even Jesus Christ himself had a 100% satisfaction rate among the masses and he didn’t do anything wrong to anyone. Seeing negative reviews can be helpful because it doesn’t necessarily mean that your product is garbage. Maybe it just didn’t work for that particular individual for whatever reason and it might not be the same case for you.

Something else to try is to see what information a Google search will bring up on a brand. I was looking for a herb on Amazon and I found the product. It had some good reviews so I Googled the brand name to see what further information I could find. The Google search continued to take me to Amazon. There was no way in the hell that I was giving these random people $40 when they don’t even have a valid website to showcase their products.

I also look for certain labels and ingredients. Now, I feel this is more important for those that have been doing this for quite some time. In the beginning you should not be stressing yourself out over this. Being healthy is a marathon and not a sprint. The longer you’re in it, the more you learn. At the beginning stages you should be focusing on your diet, developing an exercise program, and discovering which supplements you need. I look for whether or not its organic, non-gmo, whole food blends, does it have fillers and additives, vegan friendly, soy and gluten free, and etc. That’s information that will come to you with time, but don’t stress over it at the beginning.

Those are a few tips that I’ve found useful and now I will get into the brands that I use.

1. Purely Inspired Plant Based Protein and Trader Joe’s Hemp Protein81hSdKSIjGL._SY606_81XIT5zjdyL._SY679_

Both of these are really good. The Purely Inspired Brand can be found at Wal Mart and is effective. Trader Joe’s is a brand that’s trending upwards and gaining in popularity.

2. Nutra Champs Korean Red Ginseng71p6sl+6IyL._SY550_

This is a great product produced by a small business that prides itself on quality. It’s 100% natural and the capsules are vegetarian.

3. Nutra Bio Creatine and Zma2301052216_220x340

Nutra Bio is a beast in the fitness world. The performance reviews by bodybuilders, athletes, and weight training forums are impressive. They are 3rd party tested. You can order kosher verified products that are also vegetarian grade, non-gmo, hypoallergenic, and without synthetic additives and fillers.

4. My Kind Organic Multivitamin For Men813sr-n0NNL._SY550_This is an excellent brand that is used by many individuals suffering from autoimmune diseases. Though Chron’s and eczema are two totally different diseases, the autoimmune aspect for both are the same. So this seems to be the most commonly used multivitamin brand amongst the autoimmune community that I’ve spoken to. The ingredients are certified organic, and come from a whole foods blend. There are no synthetic additives or fillers.

5. Amazing Grass Green Superfood Alkalize And Detoxgsf-baseimage-alkalizedetox

There are hundreds of green super food brands on the market and Amazing Grass ranks in the top tier. This product is non-gmo and loaded with detoxing ingredients that just can’t be found in other green foods. This is also popular in the autoimmune community.

6. Nested Naturals Turmeric, Omega 3, Vitamin B12, Vitamin DBottle-B12-Front-WebAMZ-Single-D3turmeric_front-minAMZ-Single-Omega3-VeganNested Naturals is a small business based out of Canada that uses non-gmo and vegan ingredients. They take a percentage of their profits to do environmental work. They send you a weekly newsletter to keep you updated on new happenings, health tips, and etc. They also have a lot of giveaways. I’ve received free green superfood, Vitamin D, and B12. This is the only source of verified vegan omega 3 that I’ve been able to find. Its the algae that the fish eat that gives it the omega 3. Nested Naturals just gives you the algae itself and cuts out the fish. They have verified customer reviews on Amazon and they have a representative respond to most of your questions. Most of the responses that I’ve seen them give have been pretty straight up and I have to respect the honesty.

Hopefully this helps you guys out a little bit. The supplement world is crazy and can scam you if you’re not careful. So please take your time and do your research.

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