A Crisis Looming Ahead?

For some people the talk of health might be mundane and boring. For some, it is probably the last thing that you want to hear or discuss. The conversation of your favorite reality star is more appealing. Another popular subject right now is “The Flat Earth Theory”. Maybe you’re interested in Hollywood and all of those satanic sexual deviants. Maybe you’re discussing the latest sporting event. Everything is a great conversation except for taking better care of yourself.  This attitude is exactly what these pharmaceutical companies and the medical industry are banking on.

This week is the Healthy Gut Experts Summit. Ironically there is also a Digestive Health Summit being held this weekend in Maryland/DC by Gastrointestinal specialist from across the nation. We have two dynamics at play here. We have the alternative medical world that are trying to naturally prevent and reverse something that is occuring. Then we have the modern medical world that are banking on the fact that people won’t make the necessary changes to prevent something.

So what is the “something” that they both are discussing? Though the CDC are not giving the exact numbers, there is an anticipation of an epidemic of high blood pressure, stroke, diabtetes, cancer and many other diseases. There is a health epidemic looming and the medical industry is banking that most people are not going to make the necessary dietary changes to prevent or reverse this.

Notice that both groups are focusing on the gut. I have spoke in ad nauseam in ten or more post about gut health and the significance of the gut microbiome. Regardless of if your doctor tells you this or not, the source of the majority of your diseases is the immune response that triggers chronic inflammation. The source of the immune response is your gut! Regardless of if it’s heart disease, Chron’s, eczema, or diabetes it has the same initial root cause. How many times must we bang on this topic of gut health! This is for real people regardless of if you believe it or not. I hope you do the research but until then, listen to me now and believe me later on.

We can’t continue to act as if nothing is going on. Let’s keep it 100% and realize that denial is death. You pretending that you don’t have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel is not going to save you. Waiting until you’re on your death bed to go to the alter expecting for The Most High to save you is not the way to do it. If The Most High gave intervention every time we called upon him during an emergency that would eliminate the “miracle”. Its only a miracle because it’s a rare occurrence so we should not gamble with our lives. The words might seem harsh but these are harsh times. I hear people at work discuss conspiracy theories and the government turning old Wal Mart buildings into FEMA camps. These are fun to entertain but there is one question. Why would the government spend huge sums of money to round people up in FEMA camps when we are doing a good enough job of killing ourselves with the way that we eat.

The topic of health might be boring to some but as long as a potential threat looms of increased diseases then it’s much needed. I feel like it’s time to really go in on this health thing even more. If you still screw up then you can’t say that the information wasn’t out there. I looked at some of the coverage from the Gut Health Experts Summit on Monday and some tremendous information was being discussed. For anyone interested you can join the Gut Health Experts page on Facebook and be granted access to the material. I plan on dropping some of this information in some future posts. Hopefully the people will realize that this is not X Box were you can hit restart if you lose the game. Losing this game has one resultburial-cemetery-countryside-116909

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