Why Is Fast And Junk Food So Addictive?

Continuing with the conversation on fast food and now junk food, I want to explore why this crap is so addictive. You literally can’t eat just one Lay’s potato chips. There was a time that I couldn’t put down a pack of Oreos until it was gone. If you grab a Triple Whopper, regardless of how full you feel, you finish eating that Triple Whopper and the fries. What’s wrong with this apparent addiction?

Fast food is highly processed, contains an enormous amount of calories, saturated fat, added sugar, carbohydrates, and have little to no nutritional value. A Gallup poll in 2013 surveyed 2,027 adults on fast food consumption. Out of the adults surveyed, 76% acknowledged that fast food is “not to good for you” or ” not good for you at all”. However, out of the 76% that acknowledged that fast food was unhealthy, 50% of them ate fast food once or more a week.

With so many people realizing the negative impact fast food has on our health, why are we consuming so much? I realize the fact that it’s quick and convenient, but there seems to be more to it. There seems to be a physical and a possible chemical dynamic related to this apparent fast food addiction. The fact that people make a mad dash to McDeath to purchase a McRib sandwich that’s made of pork stomach, heart, RECTUM, and a bleaching agent that is often used in the production of foamed plastics should alarm us that something is up.



It seems that there are several culprits but I will focus on three. The first is bad bacteria, parasites, and candida living in your gut. When we eat these factory made and refined foods, much of it is left behind in our colon due to its digestion difficulty. With this process and lifeless nature of the food, an overgrowth of fungus, bad bacteria, and parasites develop in your gut. These little microscopic pests thrive off of starchy, sugary, and fatty foods. They will cause intense cravings for the junk that’s sold to you in the fast food restaurants. What’s even funnier is that the cravings become even more intense when you try to give these foods up. The parasites are like drug addicts that desperately need a fix.

Probably the largest culprit is the marketing and science behind making these food addictions. This goes back to a series of posts that I made last month that discussed deadly food addictions. I first want to break down the science of addiction and then how it relates to the marketing.


Food corporations such as Nabisco, Mars, Conagra, and Kraft have teams of chemists, physicists, and biologists that specialize in the manipulation of food taste and textures. These food scientists have perfected chemically replicating the smell and taste of flavors such as barbecue, strawberry, watermelon, cherry, and many others. They study and analyze how different combinations of seasonings, spices, sweetness, fat and calorie content, textures on the tongue, smell, and appearance triggers dopamine release in the brain.

Dopamine is a chemical released in the brain by neurons when the brain achieves an euphoric feeling caused by an outside stimulant. With this dopamine is a process called the reward-motivated behavior. The greater the anticipation is for the reward, the greater the release of dopamine shall be. This dopamine release is the same component associated with addictions.

Business Team Meeting Strategy Marketing Cafe Concept

This is where the marketing team for these companies step in. Notice, primarily all food commercials play off your emotions or mental state. If you’re depressed, eat something. If you’re mad, eat something. If you’re happy, eat something. If you’re mentally tired, eat something. For every emotion you are urged to eat something for it. However, notice they never urge you to eat fresh blueberries to help improve brain function. No, no, no my friend. Ladies if you are depressed like in the movies then gorge yourself on vanilla ice cream that’s loaded with fat, sugar, and artificial vanilla that’s literally made from the secretions from a beaver’s butt. That’s a combination that food scientist realize triggers a dopamine release.

Not feeling like yourself, don’t bother with kale. Get yourself a Snickers bar and the world is great again. Having a baby shower? Let’s include chip and dip using Lay’s potato chips because you certainly can’t eat just one with the addictive combination of the crunch, fat, sodium and other spices.

This is a game that these people are playing with your life. They’re using your emotions and feelings to feed you garbage. Pay close attention to the commercials, movies, and television shows. Look at the food ads during sporting events. They are all plucking at your heart strings with a bunch of garbage food.

They are so low that they will specifically target your children with these marketing campaigns knowing that most parents will break if their children beg long and hard for something. Notice how you can eat one mango and feel satisfied. On the other hand you could eat Krispy Kreme doughnuts until you’re sick and still want more. We are a society of junk food addicts thanks to these corporations.

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