Beyond Burger Shortage and Amy’s California Veggie Burger

For the past six weeks or so it’s been nearly impossible to find Beyond Burgers. My wife and I are literally going on Beyond Burger treasure hunts on the weekend with one pack of burgers to show for our efforts. We are hitting 3 and 4 stores in search of the best plant based burger on the market.

We were told this past weekend the reason for the Beyond Burger Shortage. Popularity of this delicious treat has reached a point were the company is having difficulties keeping up with the demand. Though it absolutely sucks to go through the headache of searching for my favorite burger with sometimes an empty return, it’s great to see that people are enjoying these plant based treats. It’s not a victory for vegans alone. It sends a statement to these food corporations that more people in this nation are becoming health conscious and if they want to stay in business then they must give the people healthier options. The days of GMO Frankenfoods are being hit with health consciousness.

I did a post several weeks ago giving a review for Beyond Burgers. Some people describe them as being a good alternative for when you’re trying to give up meat. I see them as an excellent combination of great taste, ingredients, and innovation. I’ve heard the Impossible burger is good, but it has yet to reach my area. But as long as I have the Beyond Burger it’s all good. I just hope that the company is able to get caught up on the demand.

71FzM1sqd4L._SL1050_Now, I gave these burgers a try because I couldn’t find any Beyond Burgers. They are called the Amy’s California Veggie Burger. Out of respect for my mother-in-law whom reads my blog I’m going to hold back my profanity to discuss how disgusting this garbage is.

I don’t know if anyone out there knows Amy but can you please tell her to sit down. She doesn’t know what in the hell she is doing with these burgers. First, Alex Ovechkin could take this thing out of the box and slap it around with his hockey stick. Imagine several layers of cardboard being glued together and frozen. Inside of this frozen cardboard are vegetable flavored hamster pellets that lacks flavor. Amy sucks at making burgers. I see why there is never a shortage on that garbage. People would never eat plant based if all of our food tasted like that rubbish.

If you are bold and brave enough to try those California burgers then God bless you. If anyone from California reads this I hope you know that this burger is giving you a bad reputation in these food streets. You need to tell Amy to stop making those hockey pucks and calling them burgers. I’ve had rice cakes that had more flavor than those wack ass burgers. I’m pretty sure someone out there really enjoys them and thinks they are great. You need prayer and your head examined.

Okay, I’m done banging on Amy’s wack burger. My reason for this post is to let anyone know the deal about the Beyond Burger shortage if you’ve had a difficult time finding them. So keep loving those Beyond Burgers and throw those Amy’s California Burgers in the garbage.

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