Disease, Death, And Regrets

I want to start out by saying Rest In Power to my childhood friend Michael Davis whom passed away from health related issues. Gone but never forgotten big homie.

This type of news is the key reason that I started this health journey. A young 37 year old male has now passed away after several years of battling diabetes. This should be alarming to all of us especially if you are African American.

Look, I know for some people the whole health conversation is boring. Its not talking about irrelevant crap like the latest fashion, celebrities, social media beef, perverted sexual deviance, and other things that have made a denigrated society. I know that I will never get as many views and likes as other blogs, but who really gives a damn when 37 year old men are dying from what we once considered diseases for the elderly. If one person benefits from this then my job is done.

So go ahead and play with your health all that you want to. Be in denial about the piss poor condition that you are in. The funeral home is an equal opportunity service provider.

And black men we have definitely got to do better. We are already battling a system that’s specifically designed for our destruction. Are we going to continue to make our demise that much easier by maintaining a totally unhealthy lifestyle? Are you telling me black man that even with death staring you in the face that you still don’t have the discipline and common damn sense to put down that freaking pork chop and doughnut! Just thinking about that is idiotic to me. How in the hell are we supposed to be the warriors and fighters for our families when we aren’t worth a damn physically. Get it together brothers and get some damn discipline with yourselves.

This is not a game for me. My youngest son has lost a grandparent on both sides to cancer. Since I have Chron’s Disease I have an increased risk of getting colon cancer. I also have had other family members that have battled cancer. So are you basically telling me, that me and my son are destined to have cancer? Oh hell no because that beast stops right here with me. I don’t care what any naysayer has to say about it. It’s my job to set a standard for him to live by to avoid these diseases.

Finally, I hadn’t spoke to my friend in many years. I went through a period in my life where I was disconnected from friends and family for over a decade. People passed and I had no idea about it. Now that we are older, many of my friends that I’ve reconnected with realize that our beef was stupid and childish. What you don’t want to happen is to be like me. Don’t be that person that has to live with regrets. Don’t be that person that takes for granted your time with loved ones. Don’t be that person that says you always have tomorrow. Its not some badge of honor to say this but most of you would kill yourself if you had to carry one pound of my cross. I have literally been to hell and back and its no fun at all. Live your life to the fullest and don’t take one second of this thing for granted. Life is not a dress rehersal. You have one shot at this thing and you don’t want to be on your death bed thinking of all your regrets in life.

So take care of yourselves and your loved ones. Treat your body as a holy temple. Cherish your time with your loved ones and let’s chill on the regrets.





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