How I Lost 140 LBS. My Purpose & Goals

In my first post in this series, I discussed how I came into the reality of knowing that it was time to lose weight and get into shape. Facing that reality was probably the most important step. Just like any problem that you may have, the recognition of having that problem is what establishes a course of action. Now it was time for me to focus on my purpose and goals.

I was going to separate these two but I feel they go hand in hand. Establishing my purpose is what helped to set the goals to achieve my purpose. My purpose was to lose weight, become healthy, and have the ability to function as a normal human being.

I set short term goals along the way such as weight, clothing size, and reps in my exercises. I was in such poor shape when I first started that I could only do 5 sit ups and 10 pushups. So at the end of each week I wanted to have a new max in the amount of reps I could do in my exercises. Even an increase of one rep was deemed as an improvement because I knew from my years of playing sports that health and fitness is a marathon and not a sprint. It’s a journey with many peaks and valleys and steady improvement is what you want to see.

I didn’t caught up with the scale because I realize that the way that you feel and the results that you visualize may not reflect on the scales. However, once a month I did weigh myself. Side note, I waited until after the first 90 days to start doing this. I waited because the first few months that you begin a new routine the results are dramatic. I didn’t want to fool myself with the initial success and become disgruntled down the line when things become difficult. I started weighing myself around the time you hit the plateau which forces you to have to push harder. You must also make adjustments to your diet and exercise routine. You can never allow your body to become comfortable with the routine. It must remain in a state of shock to keep the results coming.

With time eating healthier and exercising regularly was no longer something that I had to think about. It became a lifestyle and that’s when you know that you’ve reached success. When you feel guilty about not working out because you simply feel lazy is a sign of a lifestyle change. When you don’t feel the need to have a “cheat meal” because you really enjoy the healthy foods that you eat, that’s the sign of a lifestyle change.

Some of you might be saying that this sounds to simple and boring. It was this simple and should be this simple for a couple of reasons. First, you should avoid anyone that is trying to make this seem difficult because they have an agenda. Though there is a level of sports science and understanding of how the body works involved, you are not training for the Olympics. If you’re a novice at this and someone walks up talking about your “fast twitch muscle fibers” please beware. If they can’t make the science of calorie intake versus calories burned simplistic then don’t listen to them.

Secondly, your purpose and goals should be simplistic and built for the long term and here is why.  Let’s say for example you want to reach the size that you wore in high school for your high school reunion. So you starve yourself and workout twice a day to reach your goal. Your high school reunion comes and you reached your goal for the size and weight that you had in high school. Now that the event has come and gone what’s your purpose? What goals do you have? That short sighted goal alone was a recipe for disaster. Nothing about this produces a lifestyle change. It was all in short term vanity and not for the purpose of longevity.

This journey is far from being boring. When you set long term goals and reach them, it seems that along the way you begin to develop more long term goals. You then develop a lifestyle were you’re constantly pushing the envelope and you love it. My next post will focus on sacrifice and dedication.



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