How I Lost 140 LBS. Dedication & Sacrifice

The featured image for this post says it all. Though I feel that this sums up the mentality needed to keep this lifestyle, I will go into detail on how this directly impacted me.

I am now 7 years into this lifestyle and I have no regrets. In fact, it has become even greater than it was when I first started. I now use food and exercise to manage my Chron’s Disease. I’ve come to realize that there is a reason that not everyone is in good shape. I do not believe that people wake up everyday enjoying the reality of being out of shape. I hear people say that they would just rather be happy with who and what they are. They really don’t mean this. It’s an acceptance of their condition because they lack the drive to make the proper sacrifices to dedicate themselves to a total lifestyle change.

If this thing was easy then everyone in the world would be in phenomenal shape. I realize how challenging it can be to do the right thing in a world driven by temptation. But trust me, your colon will highly appreciate you eating those brussel sprouts and asparagus over that steak your digestive system struggles to break down. Your entire body would appreciate you bringing in a banana or apple over that vending machine garbage that’s not even real food.

When I got started with this I carried a backpack full of water, celery, baby carrots, and granola bars. I had money to buy something else but I was dedicated to my mission. I go to work and my co-workers are sitting around eating hot doughnuts. There was a time that I would have nose dived into the box but now I know the truth. I know the 70 different chemicals that are inside that doughnut wrecking havoc on people. So pass me the vegan protein bar please.

When I first started this journey I worked out twice a day. I did my weight training in the mornings and hit the elliptical for cardio in the evenings. I did that 5 days a week for an entire year. It was the necessary sacrifice. Due to how late I get off from work and the busy schedule that we have, there’s no time for me to workout in the evening. So my feet hit the ground every morning at 2am to get that two hour workout. Then I go and work an 11 to 12 hour shift everyday. But that’s my level of dedication and sacrifice to this. I would love to lay in the bed and get more sleep but results do not take naps. Greatness is not bought. Greatness is leased and your sweat equity is what pays the bill.

If you are not willing to sacrifice something, then don’t expect anything in return. I was successful in this journey because I was willing to make sacrifices. I remained dedicated to obtaining my goals. I never allowed room for doubt or complacency to enter my mind.

I have never had an ” I can’t do it” mentality and it rubs me the wrong way to hear people say it. You can literally do anything that you put your mind to. This is not all physical because if it were then everyone would be doing it. The mind and spirit pushes the flesh on the days that you feel like giving up. Its the mind and spirit that forces you to wake up every morning and tackle your goals head on. You must always bet on yourself regardless of the odds.

You have to be in it to win it. You must be all in with this. When the broccoli starts to become disgusting then eat more freaking broccoli. When you’re about to pass out on the last 100 meters of your jog, run another 100 meters. When your legs are quivering on that last rep of squats, do two more for good measure. Pushing yourself to go above and beyond is the key to success in fitness and in life.

Clint Eastwood is 87 years old and still eats a healthy diet and trains hard everyday. I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to allow for an almost 100 year old dude to out work me. The best years of his life are behind him and he’s still going harder than you people in your 30’s and 40’s.

So get up and stop making excuses for yourself. Get dedicated and put in the work. In my next post I will focus on my eating plan during this time. In this I will also debunk the myth that you’ve got to spend a lot of money to eat healthy.

2 thoughts on “How I Lost 140 LBS. Dedication & Sacrifice

  1. Sometimes people use “self love” as an excuse to not become better versions of themselves. You should love yourself enough to treat you body well and be in the best health you can possibly be.

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