Keep Giving Me Ammunition

Regardless of if it’s young people passing from diseases or markets and restaurants feeding the people garbage, the Babylon system continues to give me ammunition to bang on this health issue. Its to the point were I shouldn’t have to say anything but I know the majority of people will bury their heads into the sand like an ostrich. Therefore I will continue to rub this excrement into your face until you finally get the point!

A grocery store by the name of Joe’s Markets in Newark, New Jersey was recently exposed for selling plastic fish to the communities. I have done post after post discussing how China and this Babylon system are feeding people this fake food. Here’s the link to watch the video of the store being exposed.

Also, there have been continuing reports of one million pounds of rat meat being used in the United States as boneless chicken wings. Washington has tried to jump in front of this and label it as fake news. I say that you if you believe in this system or anything this system says then you’re a damn fool especially if you are Black. You can always look at the past to determine the future. Remember, it was only 5 years ago when Burger King and Taco Bell were exposed for using horse meat. Taco Bell is under the Yum Brand which also owns KFC and Pizza Hut. So I feel that it’s safe to assume that if Taco Bell is using horse meat, then KFC and Pizza Hut are doing it also. Taco Bell has also been rumored to have used kangaroo meat. Some restaurants in the United States have also been rumored to use cats and dogs which is easy to believe since meat from China is sold in the United States.

So this will not be a long post. At some point the masses will realize that they have no clue what they are eating when they go eat for lunch and dinner. So keep this in mind as you go into the weekend2cb1b9421bd6f85ed2866e1ca458247f_original


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