The Ammunition Keeps Coming

I find this so hilarious. Just one week ago exactly, I dropped a post on how the food industry continues to give me ammunition to bang on this beast and talk about eating to live. I showed information that discussed not only rat meat potentially being sold as boneless chicken, but also Taco Bell using horse and kangaroo meat. And right on time another gem falls in my lap that I can use to help edify the people.

A young sister whom worked at a Popeye’s Chicken in Detroit recorded a video that has gone viral after she warned management several times of a roach and fly infestation. You can follow the link and watch the video for yourself.

The video is utterly disgusting. The sister warned management and they told her just to crush the roaches and try not to scream. You can literally see the roaches crawling all over the food and everything else in the video. Roaches and dead flies littered every nook and cranny of the floor. Again, watch the video for yourself.

When I caught wind of this, I discussed the issue with several brothers and sisters that I dialogue with online. I agree with what one brother said. No matter how much truth we bring out, many of our people will never change how they eat or where they eat. Regardless we have the duty to speak this truth.

Don’t get me wrong because there was a time that I was tearing Popeye’s up. Matter of fact, Popeye’s, Church’s, Bojangles, and JJ’s Fish & Chicken were all on my hit list. However, as we come into this knowledge we should be making the proper changes. These restaurants and food companies are slaughtering the masses wholesale with the garbage that they are feeding us. There is someone reading this right now that will still go to Popeye’s on their lunch break or dinner. I have also been told that a Popeye’s in Los Angeles was closed due to rats. So you go right ahead and have fun with that.

We have to be honest with ourselves. We sit down and many of us ask the Lord to bless the food that we eat to be safe and nourish our body. Yet the food that we’re eating is an abomination in his eyes and have no nutritional content whatsoever. Those are just facts. Get mad if you want because I’m not in the feel good business.

The only way that we as a whole can defeat this is with our dollars. When we financially support these establishments we are financing our own genocide. It literally is no different than walking into the gun store, buying a 40 cal., and then blowing your own brains out. We have to take our dollars and support more local farmers. We must support restaurants that are feeding the people nutritious and organic whole foods. And we must start introducing agriculture as a career path that’s just as important as being a doctor or a lawyer. We always tell kids to go to college and become a doctor, lawyer or engineer. Yet the one thing that the richest man in the world and the prostitute on the street corner have in common is that they both eat. Somebody has to feed them right?

So, lets just try to do better. One step at a time and again2cb1b9421bd6f85ed2866e1ca458247f_original


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