Do For Self: Let’s Get It!

Do for self. This phrase entered the lexicon of many in Black America during the 1960’s. It was introduced by one of my heroes The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and continues to reverberate through the “woke” community today. This rallying cry was and is a cry for Black people in America to unite, pool our resources, and stop begging others to do for us what we have the full capability of doing for ourselves. We are to stop begging other people for jobs, schooling, food, housing, taking care of our sick, and etc. We should focus on building our own infrastructure that are centered around our own specific needs.

Growing up my mother instilled the principle of doing for self  in me at a young age. She always worked multiple jobs, but always kept a side hustle to make extra money. Her biggest money maker was selling her famous baked goods. She taught me that you are to let your full time job finance your side hustle until your side job can support you full time. You pick something that you love and are passionate about and it doesn’t seem like work. Her plan was to open her own family operated restaurant in Asheville, NC once she retired. However, she passed away one month before she was able to retire.

Funny story. I was around 8 years old and my mother was selling body oils and fragrances. She had this enormous leather brown case that was full of sample oils, cologne, and perfume. For whatever reason I decided to take the sample case outside. I posted up and started selling the samples for $1 a pop. When I came home with that case almost empty she was livid! However, she did respect my grind once I pulled out my money. She took the cash to replace the samples that I sold and gave me the money to start my own summer hustle. I started selling hard cups which is frozen kool-aid in styrofoam cups and you turn them into homemade popsicles on steroids. I also sold fudge pops, little huggies, jungle juice, Chico sticks, ring pops, jolly ranchers, sugar daddies, Debbie cakes, and chips. Pretty sure there were other things, but I distinctively remember those items.

From the beginning my mother told me that was my business and I was responsible for its operation. That meant not running off and holding the porch down waiting for customers. Some of you might say that sucks. But it certainly didn’t suck when I was able to buy whatever I wanted without having to ask my mother for the money.

It taught me many lessons. It taught me money management. I learned that having knowledge of properly saving money is probably more valuable than knowing how to make it. I learned how to profit off of every investment and not put myself in a hole. I also learned work ethic and independence. As I got older my side hustles changed to mowing lawns, selling clothes and shoes, African novelties, and other things that I won’t discuss.

Again, I always have worked a full time job with my side hustles. However, I always wanted a business of my own and be my own boss. My end goal for several years has been to open up my own community center. I’ve realized through the years that regardless of if you have education or not, you must think independent if you have a record. Look, I’m telling you from experience that America is a liar when it comes to giving people second chances. You can clean up your act, get your degree and never get in trouble again and your past will always be thrown in your face. So walking around banking on someone to give you a great magical job is absurd. You’ve got to think of what you can do for yourself.

Since I started blogging, I have given my entire story of my health battle. I must say that being vegan, doing the research, blogging about health and fellowshipping with other health conscious people has been a great experience. Also, I have always had that revolutionary spirit of fighting for the freedom, justice, and equality for my people. So my two passions in life are the condition of my people and health. Now you must find a way to grow those passions into a business.

So my plan is to launch my own brand in a few months titled Plant Based Poppin. The meaning of the name has meaning. It’s my antithesis to the language used by the gang known as the Bloods. They say ” 5 poppin, 6 dropping”. This basically means that Bloods are shooting and Crips are dying. “Plant Based Poppin” will be the ammunition to “drop” diseases and ailments that are ravaging our communities. I am changing the frequency and vibrations of terminology that is used in death and destruction by replacing it with life.

My plan is to have the brand feature t-shirts, e-books, dietary manuals, general health tips, foods and herbs for specific conditions, environmental concerns, blogs, vlogs, and so much more. Within the next several months I will push to spread this message through various social media outlets. I also plan on having a website specifically designed for the Plant Based Poppin’ brand. I also plan on starting a separate blog site that will focus on a broader spectrum. This will be focused directly on the socio-economical, political, and spiritual woes that afflict our community. People have their heads stuck in the sand so much that they don’t even realize that paedophilia is on the verge of being legalized. You can believe me or not, but the LBGTQ movement was the buffer used to normalize and then legalize pedophilia. But if you don’t keep your ears to the street and do your research then you would never know. That’s why brothers such as myself are needed. I have no problem with talking about the issues that these scary punks tip toe around. I promise to be unapologetic and uncompromising in my position regardless of who does not like it.

I also plan on using my Social Work background to promote the use of naturopathic and holistic forms of medicinal intervention. So, I have numerous things that I’ve been brainstorming and networking with other people on. It’s going to take time and a lot of work and planning to bring this into fruition. However like I’ve said before, I will always bet on myself regardless of what the naysers throw in my direction.

So hopefully once everything is up, everyone will support. If we can support and give money to things that do not  benefit us in any shape, form, or fashion, then certainly we can support a young brother that’s trying to bring a positive and edifying message to the people.

I take pride in trying to make this happen because regardless of what anyone thinks about it, it is mine! It’s my dream that I can bring into reality and nobody can rob me of that. People are so afraid to step out on a limb to reach for success. You can’t sit on your ass and wait for it to come to you. People are so fearful of failure. If you fail so freaking what! Pick yourself up, learn from your mistake, and push forward. We can sit around and discuss the success of the rich and powerful but we ignore the failures they had on the way of obtaining that status. It’s the failures that motivated them to keep pushing.

People like to be comfortable even if that means they will fall short of ever achieving their dreams. If that’s the life you choose that’s totally fine. However, don’t get old and discuss your regrets. Be content with the fact that you are beneath a quitter because at least the quitter made an attempt.

As a man, the last thing that I want is for my children to have to grow up and beg another man for a job. I want to put myself in a position that when I leave this Earth my children have something to build upon or strive for something greater than wanting to slave for some company their entire life. If I leave this place before my wife, I do not want for her to have to depend on other people for assistance. I want to leave her in position were she can take my life’s work and be a blessing for other people.

So as I go through this transition my posts will be sporadic. I might drop several in one week and none for a week and a half. I will keep everyone updated on my progression. Again, I’m taking my time with this because I want for this to be as thorough and professional as possible. I want for this to be a brand and movement that the people can trust and believe in.



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