Allow Your Vegetation To Be Your Medication

Yesterday I had a visit with my gastroenterologist for my Chron’s Disease and I’m happy to report that my Chron’s is in full remission. Most high in Christ for that one. It has been one hell of a journey when I think back to the state of health that I was in. Thankfully everything is great now.

I was chuckling on the inside when talking to my doctor. She asked if I was still on Humira and I informed her that I had been off the Humira for several months. She seemed to be so surprised at how I was functioning without the medications. She then tried to push for me to get back on the Humira. I asked if there was anything other than Humira because I didn’t want to deal with the crazy side effects.

She then gave me the Tour De France story to basically say that if I had reactions to Humira then I would have reactions to the other drugs because they are similar. Also Humira and other drugs have the potential to lead to cancer. My lovely wife intervened and said that even with the Humira I was having issues. It was when I totally changed the way that I ate that my body was able to heal. She then tried to convince me to take another medication that’s a step under Humira, and little certainty of how effective it truly is. I declined because what’s the point of taking a medication that you’re basically saying isn’t worth a crap.

The moral of the story is that when I left the doctor’s office my paperwork stated that I was managing my Chron’s with diet and herbal supplementation. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve said it before and I will say it again. If I need to take the meds then I will take the meds. So I will never tell anyone not to take the medication if the situation calls for it. HOWEVER, I shall scream from the top of Mt. Zion that the best medication on Earth is what the Lord gives us in his plants. Nothing man touches can ever duplicate the healing properties in the plants.

I would advise anyone to not wait until they are sick to decide to make these changes. Healing yourself with food and herbs is a long process. It takes even longer when the body is in a compromised state. Take the time to learn your body and discover your deficiencies. Do the research on foods, herbs, and supplements that will help the body reach a place of balance were it can heal itself. Now this doesn’t mean that you will never get sick. However, it does mean that the body will be better suited to face upcoming challenges.

So the plants are your friends. There are so many fruits, vegetables, herbs,  and spices that are great for you and you’ve probably never heard of it or tried it. So put down the garbage food that is killing you and pick up electric plant foods that will give you life.

Side note. There are 4 great books to help you get started on eating better. How To Eat To Live Vol. 1 & 2 by The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Dick Gregory’s Natural Diet For Folks Who Eat: Cookin’ With Mother Nature by Dick Gregory, and The Easiest Way To Become A Vegan by Pharaoh Ramses El-Aton. These books have information that will give you solid ground on eating to heal your body.


6 thoughts on “Allow Your Vegetation To Be Your Medication

    1. The most prevalent side affect that I had was skin infections. Of course the immune system was compromised so I was constantly getting these skin colony infections. I had to constantly scrub in Hibiclens and was taking rounds of Clindamycin about every six weeks to fight the infections. However, the Clindamycin is an antibiotic that will destroy your gut health and can lead to colon cancer. So it was just getting bad with the skin infections. It did help with my Chron’s symptoms but was killing me with the infections.


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