Banned Insecticide From 1972 Still Causing Autism And Breast Cancer

Last Friday I dropped a post about Monsanto’s and the herbicide, Roundup. In the post I discussed how a brother named Dewayne Johnson won a $289 million lawsuit against the conglomerate. I also went into the cancer causing nature of Roundup and the chemical being found in the products that we feed our children for breakfast.

Over the weekend many herbalists, holistic advocates, activists, and many more dropped a ton of information concerning Monsanto’s, Pharmacia, Bayer, and The Rothschild’s involvement in the medical world. Jamie Reno release an article discussing an insecticide named DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane). This particular insecticide was banned in 1972 by the EPA. DDT at the time was thought to be dangerous to humans, animals, and the environment. The assumption made about this chemical turned out to be 100% correct.

The banned chemical remains in our ecosystem and is possibly one of the sources of increased Autism and breast cancer cases. The CDC has reported that 1 out of every 59 births result in Autism. Scientists are researching different scenarios such as environmental factors, unstable genes, viral infections, complications during pregnancy or delivery, and exposure to chemicals. I laugh at the fact that the CDC omitted vaccines. There is an enormous amount of research indicating the MMR vaccine as one of the culprits for this Autism increase. A CDC whistleblower and Congressman Bobby Kenedy Jr. revealed to the world that the CDC destroyed documents that the heavy metals in the MMR vaccine greatly enhanced the risk of autism in black boys.

Anyway, Dr. Alan S. Brown, MPH, a psychiatrist and epidemiologist at Columbia University has made a career studying the risk factors of autism, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. His research shows that even though almost five decades have gone by since DDT was banned, the chemical is still present in our food chain today. Brown and his international team’s researched showed that over a million pregnancies shared a link between the elevated levels of a metabolite of DDT in the blood of pregnant women and increased risk for autism in their children.
His team conducted the study between mother-child pairings. One group was with offspring with autism and the other group without. Maternal blood was taken during early stages of the pregnancy. The blood was then analyzed for DDE, a metabolite of DDT, and PCBs. Research found the odds of autism with intellectual disability in offspring were increased by greater than twofold for the mother with DDE levels in the top quartile. Brown released a statement after the study.
“Unfortunately Brown said, these chemicals are still present in the environment and are in our blood and tissues.”“In pregnant women, they are passed along to the developing fetus,” he said. “Along with genetic and other environmental factors, our findings suggest that prenatal exposure to the DDT toxin may be a trigger for autism.”

DDT is also being linked to breast cancer. Scientists in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism claim that they were able to find a definitive and significant link between breast cancer and DDT exposure. The researchers made this statement:

“We observed a sizable, statistically significant association between in utero DDT exposure and risk of breast cancer in young women and a possible association with more aggressive tumors,” the authors concluded. “These findings are the first ever reported for a prospective observation of a large pregnancy cohort.”

If you would like to read more on this, here is the link

This is a great article on the Medical Daily detailing extensive research on this particular issue with breast cancer.

As I study this, I realize that the rabbit hole goes very deep on this. It’s another multilayered and multiplayer agenda to depopulate the Earth. This situation with Monsanto’s and the many companies in bed with them is nothing to sneeze about. Please research these groups when you have time. You would be shocked at just how much power these guys actually have and whom is backing them.

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