Here We Go With The Swine Flesh Again

It’s been several weeks since my last post. I have several things going on and one thing that I refuse to do is get up here and throw some gibberish together. I have to be motivated and inspired to post some thought provoking content.

A few days ago Dr. Oz gave me some inspiration and a great chuckle. I do feel it’s worth noting that I’m not a Dr. Oz fan. To me the dude is a weird looking elf that uses half truth fallacies to play off the insecurities and vulnerabilities in women. No respect in that. However, he brought up an interesting subject. It was about the dangers of pork consumption.

If you know me personally, have been following my blog, or have spoken to me online on certain platforms then you know how much I hate pork. Dr. Oz revealed information in regards to a comprehensive study performed by the World Health Organization that specifically charged pork as being the most deadly and unclean meat consumed in America. Not only is it injected with more hormones and given more antibiotics than any other meat, it also contains more parasitic worms.

An investigator whom was involved in the research stated that more people died in America from pork related illnesses than reported homicides. There were a little over 17,000 reported homicides last year. Over 20,000 people died from pork related illnesses last year. Look, the pig isn’t walking around with a pistol threatening to shoot people. It can only kill you if you eat it. There is a choice involved in this matter.

This is where Dr. Oz made me chuckle. After this investigator went through her research giving details to the many dangers of eating pork, Dr. Oz goes on to discuss pork that’s “safer” to eat. To me that’s the equivalent of my doctor telling me about a “safe cigarette” after we just talked about getting lung cancer and emphysema. There is no such thing as SAFE PORK!

As I’ve stated in the past like so many others, the swine ‘s purpose on Earth is to consume filth and garbage. It’s the animal kingdom’s version of a garbage dumpster along with shrimp and other shellfish. That’s why Christ cast a legion of demons into the swine. It’s designed to hold garbage. That’s why it has no sweat glands. Sweating is a method of purifying the body. The swine is designed to hold all of the filth and not purify itself. That’s why its entire body is made of parasitic worms. So eating a pork sandwich is the equivalent of eating from the dumpster of the restaurant that you got it from.

I’ve also shared on other platforms scripture backed facts that The Most High’s chosen people are under grace and the LAW. I recently had a brother try to debate me on this fact. I could tell that he was coming from a genuine place so I advised him not to bring emotions into a fact fight. He said that his Pastor stated the law was done and we are only under grace. I didn’t even get deep into the scriptures with him. I just told him to tell his pastor on Sunday, that the church members will stop paying tithes because tithes was a law given to us in Genesis 14:20, Genesis 28:20-22, Leviticus 27:30, and Numbers 18:26. I bet the Pastor will start teaching the law then because he knows that “grace” dollars will not pay that lawful contract called a mortgage or any other bill. This is what happens when you don’t have any laws. You can eat whatever you want, have homosexuals and undercover pedophiles in prominent positions within the church, pastors and deacons sleeping with people’s wives and other men, people getting robbed of their money, the manipulation of the emotions of middle aged women, effeminate men, women dressed like prostitutes, and all of this is totally fine because under grace I can obtain salvation as long as I simply believe. Even though 1 John 3:4 says:

Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the LAW: for sin is the transgression of the LAW.

If you read the Apocrypha, in particular the Book of Macabees, my Israelite ancestors that were in the Greek captivity were forced to eat pork and adopt the Greek culture. If they refused then they were put to death. There is archeological evidence that shows Pharaoh and the Egyptians fed an abundance of pork to the Israelites during the Egyptian captivity. If we look at the Transatlantic captivity that was prophesied in Deuteronomy 28:15-68, Genesis 15:13, and Isaiah 11:12, European slave owners forced my ancestors to eat pork and accept the ways of the heathen. Notice the common theme that pork was forced onto my people in these captivities. Why is that? It’s because not only is pork physically damaging but it’s spiritually damaging. If you can spiritually break someone then the mind and body will follow. It’s not just about eating pork and abominable foods. It’s about the degradation of a people that comes from a result of it. How can we drop a slave mentality and a slave condition when we are eating a slave diet? Remember, you are what you eat.

Here is the beautiful part. Due to the sacrifice of Christ we are not put to death because of our failure to keep the law. We were struggling with the law and that’s why the sacrifice was needed. So under the grace of the sacrifice we now have a second opportunity to keep these laws and not transgress against them. So, lets keep in mind that when we eat pork we are literally pissing on what Christ died for. So let’s work on keeping those laws and live righteously.


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