There is a challenge going on in social media called #GrossMeatChallenge. Here is the link if you want to catch a video https://youtu.be/Sjpj2jmryTU. The challenge is to find the grossest meat you can find. What I saw in the video shocked me.

Not to give away the video because you should check it out, but most of the content consisted of people getting their meat home from the market and discovering huge parasitic worms in the meat. When I used to eat meat, I always thought that if you cooked the meat all the way through then that would kill everything. This video debunked that thought.

In one situation a gentleman was cooking fish and you could clearly see that the fish was cooked. Well at the bottom of the hot pan that the fish was cooked in was a parasitic worm that was alive and well. In another segment of the video someone had a skillet full of frying Italian sausages. While the sausages were frying you could literally see 10 or more parasitic worms coming out of each sausage.

I don’t know if you blame nature or the butcher. Regardless, I had no idea that these parasitic worms were so resilient to heat.  So take care of yourselves and take notice of what you’re about to put in your mouth.

#Vegan Mafia 2cb1b9421bd6f85ed2866e1ca458247f_original


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