The Difficulties Of Dropping Cigarettes

I have been able to overcome some habits in my life but nothing has been more difficult than quitting smoking. I began smoking in high school and will soon celebrate a year without a cigarette at the age of 36.

It has been more difficult than I can explain and if you have been through it then you know what I’m talking about. I used to be a heavy marijuana smoker  and quit no problem. I have been without weed for about 9 years. I was also a hardcore drinker and woke up one morning and decided to drop the booze. I have now been sober for 8 years. For that matter, once I decided to become vegan I dropped the meat products with no problem. But this cigarette has been a different beast.

Even with almost a year going by I still have cravings to take a smoke sometimes. I now realize that smoking was not just a habit for me, it was a coping mechanism that I really enjoyed. When I get those cravings I have to remind myself of the dedication that I’ve put in to dropping this habit. I used nicotine lozenges for maybe a week and decided to just finish cold turkey. I didn’t want to become dependent on the lozenges to end my dependence on cigarettes. I wanted full control and not use something for a crutch.

I’m not going to go through some long spill breaking down the many health risks of smoking tobacco. At this point we all know and have seen what tobacco products can do to you. If you’re out there trying to quit, then great job and keep up the work. Take it one day at a time and don’t beat yourself up if you backslide. Make your mistake and keep pushing forward. If you are waiting until you’re ready to quit then good luck. I’m not sure if you’re ever ready to quit. You just do it. I guess you have to be patient and wait for your “just do it” moment to hit.

I am not going to be hard towards the smokers because that’s not how you convince people to quit smoking. Hopefully you jackasses that have never smoked will learn that. It really pisses me off to hear someone that has never faced the challenge of quitting smoking throw smart ass remarks to people that smoke. You don’t know what it’s like so stand down!

Also, if you are someone that has quit smoking and you’ve been successful, then great for you! But let’s not turn into the smoke snobs and preach sermons to people like you have never fired up one yourself. That’s the number one thing that the smoker will say. You used to smoke, therefore you should have more tolerance and patience with people. We have to encourage and be positive without being pushy and condescending.

So as I continue to fight these occasional nicotine cravings, I would like to say congratulations to those whom have already conquered this addiction. To those whom are considering quitting and have not, you’ve already made the first step. The first step is realizing that you need to quit. With time your desire will match your thoughts and the body will follow.

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