The McDeath Is Back

A few days ago I dropped a post titled Let The Poor Eating Begin. I spoke of how the Babylon system turns the holidays into the hell-a-days by promoting what can be summed up as a Luciferian agenda. A huge part of that agenda is poor eating and gluttony. I guess you can call me Cory-damus because I was right on time with that post.

McDonald’s just announced that they are releasing their famous McRib sandwich for a limited time. Ironically, it’s being released just in time for the holiday season. So, I already know that millions of people will be lining up numerous times to stuff this garbage down their throat. If you are unaware of what this slab of foam is made of, let’s do the break down.

First, it’s important to note that McDonald’s provides an ingredient list of their food. Now, how many people actually research the ingredients that are provided in the McDonald’s ingredients list? If you have not, let me help you out. The McRib consists of over 70 ingredients. You need to ask yourself, why does a sandwich with meat, bread, pickles, and onions need 70 ingredients? It’s because you’re basically eating a collection of slime that’s shaped into a meat patty. Even some of the ingredients in the bread and sauce are garbage.

The pickles in the McRib contain a chemical called calcium chloride. It’s used to enhance the salty flavor without increasing the sodium amount. When this chemical interacts with water it causes a reaction called hydrolysis. When this reaction occurs, it leads to irritation to moist linings of the body such as the gut, nostrils, eyes, throat, and mouth. This continued irritation in the gut can lead to gastrointestinal issues such as abdominal pain and burning, diarrhea, and vomiting.

McDonald’s lists flour as one of the ingredients. Nothing wrong with innocent flour right? Technically, McDonald’s is correct. They do include flour. What they fail to mention is that within the flour, they incorporate a bleaching agent called azodicarbonamide. This chemical that’s commonly known as “ADA” is used in plastic goods such as yoga mats and flip-flops. The chemical is responsible for giving these plastic goods their buoyancy. When used in dough, the chemical helps the dough rise faster. By the way, ADA has also been found in numerous grocery store items such as Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches, danish and cinnamon rolls from Little Debbie, Pillsbury Toaster Scrambles and Toaster Strudels, Smuckers Uncrustables, three varieties of Weight Watchers Smart Ones meals, Sara Lee, and Ball Park. Researchers are still studying the effects of this chemical but already know that ADA is linked to cancer, respiratory issues, and allergies.

The last ingredient that I want to focus on pertains to this rib that clearly is not a rib. So, we must ask if it’s not a rib, then what is it? McDonald’s just lists it as pork which is also technically correct. But which part of the swine is used?



If you guessed pig anus and rectum then you are 100% correct!! The patty for the McRib is made of tripe (animal guts), anus, and rectum. If this wasn’t so sad and pathetic it would be funny. This is what good Mickey D’s thinks of you and your children. If you continue to eat this garbage after reading this then it speaks volumes as to what you think of yourself. The old saying is that “You are what you eat”. I guess that would make some of you a bigger a#&hole than me. I had to get that one in.

Side note. For all of you that love to eat disgusting calamari. Chances are you might not be eating calamari.




Now, one of these plates is calamari and the other is pig anus. Go ahead and guess which one is the pig anus. I will wait. Yes, restaurants are using pig anus as calamari in restaurants. So, hopefully someone got something from this. I know one thing for certain. I will gladly continue to eat these delicious fruits and vegetables while some of you stuff yourselves with pig ass for the next couple of months. Again, please take care of yourselves and






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