America And Holiday Health

I can recall a time when I would sit around and stuff my self until I couldn’t move on Thanksgiving. We actually wore it as a badge of honor when you had reached the point that you couldn’t move. Fortunately enough I now realize that this is dangerous and reckless behavior. Unfortunately, millions of people will throw caution in the wind this week and indulge in gluttony.

The reality is that people gain weight during the holidays. On Thursday, the average American will consume close to 5,000 whopping calories! Someone will assist their ailing loved one to the dinner table, pray to God that primarily unhealthy food will nourish them, and then allow a family member with congestive heart failure or diabetes eat food that’s loaded with carbohydrates, refined flour and sugar, fat, sodium, and calories. This is not about condemning. This is the truth of our existence.

The Calorie Control Council estimates that 1 serving of mashed potatoes has roughly 238 calories and 8 grams of fat. One serving of green been casserole has 150 calories and 8 grams of fat. One slice of pecan pie has roughly 456 calories and a crazy 21 grams of fat! I heard a dietitian on television say that it’s okay if you over eat on Thursday because Friday is a new day. You can wake up Friday and get back on track. That’s a foolish idea. That’s not what the holiday season promotes. It promotes gluttony, over spending, over eating, and over indulgence. The holiday season promotes everything that the scriptures speak against. According to various research studies, some studies suggest the average American gains 5 pounds during the holidays while others suggest 7 to 10 pounds. Regardless, they all agree that America gains weight during the holidays.

Quantitative research shows that over 50% of people never lose this weight during the year. So, this just becomes a perpetual habit of poor eating and weight gain. The New Year’s resolution that you usually make is never fulfilled due to a lack of will to remain driven in a pursuit of health and wellness. Therefore, the actual research totally debunks the statement of this idiot dietitian that’s promoting the idea of eating however you want on Thanksgiving. I am not saying that treating yourself is wrong, but if you’re eating horribly all year long then how in the hell is it a treat?

Fortunately, we know that your Thanksgiving feast does not have to be a heart attack served hot and ready. You can improve the quality of your meals by incorporating more plants into your diet. Squash, zucchini, cabbage, nutrient-dense greens such as collards, mustard, kale, turnip greens, and spinach are great to include. Asparagus is always a great option, and contrary to what people believe, brussel sprouts taste great, are easy to prepare, and are loaded with nutrition. Cutting out high fat cheeses and replace butter with applesauce or avocados are great ways to cut back on some of the fat and calories. You could even skip the mashed potatoes and make mashed or roasted cauliflower instead. The possibilities are limitless and eating healthy does not mean eating bland. Soul food vegan restaurants have been successful for thirty years because you can make traditional soul food healthy, plant based, and not lose any flavor.

Another option to consider is to do some form of a workout in the morning and in the evening. You could wake up in the morning and get in a good walk before the family starts rolling in. Then you can take a walk in the evening to walk off some of the food that you consumed. Remember, this thing is about burning more calories than you consume. If you’re consuming calories and not burning them then expect to gain weight. You could also do some intermittent fasting. I do the 16:8 method and it works great. You could start your fast this evening at 8pm and fast until 12pm tomorrow afternoon. During this time your stomach will shrink, therefore preventing you from overeating. Also, you will be consuming a lot of water during the fast which will also prevent you from overeating.

These are just a few suggestions but there are a plethora of things that you can do. Just please do something. The health epidemic that is plaguing America can not be ignored. Do not fall for the agenda that the Babylon system is pushing. You can’t give thanks for a good health that you honestly do not have.

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