Dealing With A Cold And Chron’s Disease

If you have a family then you know the struggles that come along with with the cold and flu season. One person becomes ill and then it gets bounced around throughout the entire household. This recently happened in my household and regardless of how hard I fought it, I still became ill. What was weird is that at the same time that I started to develop cold symptoms, I also developed a flare with my Chron’s Disease.

I was wondering as to why my Chron’s flared up. Nothing had changed with my dietary habits, so I found it quite odd. My wife mentioned the fact that I stayed up very late a few nights working on term papers and studying for finals. My cold and Chron’s flare-up occurred after these nights of little sleep. The correlation of a lack of sleep and stress and my illness made sense. Now, fortunately due to the way that I take care of myself my Chron’s flare was not severe and I am recovering well. However, I wanted to do some research to see what the connection is between having a cold and Chron’s Disease.

According to research the cold and flu season can have a direct impact on your Chron’s Disease and for other autoimmune diseases as well. Though more research is needed the Portland VA Medical Center and other researchers have determined a direct link between viral infections and flares of Chron’s and Ulcerative Colitis. The thought is that the virus causes a disruption in the gut flora which sparks the flare. This causes that immune response that I have spoken of in about 20 different post.

Being that the cold and flu season occurs in the winter the issue of Vitamin D was brought up by researchers. I did a post on Vitamin D and it received little attention. Shame on you because the Journal of Chron’s & Colitis showed that people with Chron’s Disease are more likely to have flare-ups if they have lower levels of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is an anti-inflammatory agent therefore, a decrease in Vitamin D can lead to an excess of inflammation.

So if you have Chron’s please take advantage of the warmer months, stay active and take care of yourself. Make sure that you are nutritionally preparing your body for the harshness of the winter. Supplement with your diet to ensure that you are getting everything the body needs to function optimally. Try to stay away from sick people as much as as you possibly can. Please wash your hands and keep your home as sanitized as possible.

So, this won’t be a long post. If you have Chron’s or UC then just know that you must take special care of yourselves during the winter months. Also, please go over to and get you some merchandise to bring in the new year right! Until the next post:


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