Are Pesticides Producing Effeminate Men?

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Now, look at the pictures above and tell me what you think. As I get older, I see more and more of an agenda to feminize men. This agenda appears to be more prevalent among black men. When we show even a drop of having an alpha male personality, we are told that we have “toxic masculinity”. The roles are becoming reversed where women are becoming the aggressors and the men are encouraged to be meek and submissive. The dominate society takes issue with strong men and in particular strong black men. We are told not to grow out our natural hair, not to grow beards, take the base out of our voice, slouch to make ourselves look smaller and weaker, dress a certain way, coon and tap dance, and speak with no aggression in our voice.


If you are familiar with Hollywood, one of the common things that happens is they make men wear a dress or play a gay role to gain success. Flip Wilson, Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, Ving Rhames, Taye Diggs, Kevin Hart, Tyler Perry, Wesley Snipes, Will Smith, Jamie Fox, Charles Barkley, Chris Tucker, Brandon T. Jackson, Arsenio Hall, The Rock, Drake, Vin Diesel, and many more have put on a dress or played a homosexual role. Those that did not put on the dress such as Dave Chappelle, Mike Epps, and Katt Williams, caught hell from the elites. They are labeled “crazy”, and a propaganda war is waged on these individuals to discredit them and destroy their ability to make money in the mainstream.  .

Now, I am a very heterosexual alpha male! I don’t run around threatening people, but I will beat the hell out of you for my family, or any child or Black woman that I see being violated. I am extremely confident in myself and my abilities. I have no problem admitting that I have a hint of arrogance and make make no apologies for that. From my position, I know the role that slavery played, I also see how Hollywood is being used to promote the effeminization of Black men. I see how you are now shamed for promoting Straight Black Pride and the Black family. I also used to think that it was a choice for brothers to act in such a soft manner. I thought that it was a choice for brothers to become homosexual. I have several reasons for re-thinking my position, but I found one that is very intriguing.

I have been studying the effects of a pesticide called Atrizine. Atrizine is a commonly used pesticide that turns male frogs into females, that can successfully reproduce. This happens because the atrazine induces an enzyme called aromatase, which causes the overproduction of estrogen. The pesticide also causes sexual abnormalities in frogs such as hermaphroditism. The voice box in the frog also does not develop properly, which indicates a lack of testosterone at appropriate levels  for development. Basically, these frogs are becoming chemically castrated. Researchers from University of California -Berkeley raised 40 male African clawed frogs in water containing atrizine. They compared the atrazine-exposed group with 40 male frogs that were raised in atrazine-free water. All 40 frogs from the atrazine-free water remained male, while 10% of the frogs in the atrazine-exoposed water were totally feminized. They had the DNA that said they were men, but there anatomy was that of a woman, including ovaries. In a separate study, test revealed that 85% of male smallmouth bass in 19 American wildlife refuges are now carrying eggs.

Researchers now have proof the pesticide that is used in corn crops, golf courses, and residential lawns, has a direct impact on humans. Atrazine is commonly found in rain, ground, and our drinking water. It is linked to breast cancer, ovarian cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, thyroid cancer, hairy-cell leukemia, prostate cancer, reduces male fertility by 50%, obesity, diabetes, and IMPAIRED SEXUAL DEVELOPMENT IN YOUNG BOYS!!! When the mother consumes this pesticide by eating eat it on corn, or drinking it in from the water, the chemical crosses the placenta while the baby is still in the womb. The mother also passes the chemical when she is breast feeding.

Now, this has been heavily researched and the information is out there. In impoverished communities that are heavily melanated, we know that our water supply is contaminated at catastrophic levels. So now when a little boy says that he was born gay, I now have to consider that he may very well be telling the truth. I am not giving that lifestyle a pass by any means. However, it’s another example that shows how the system of white supremacy will go to any level to annihilate my people. The only thing that I can tell my people is to buy organic as much as possible. Organic foods have less pesticides and herbicides than non-organic food. Also, try to drink purified water as much as possible. Unfortunately, if you are taking showers with the contaminated water then you are still exposed.

Let’s keep it real for a second. The mainstream media is controlled by White people, therefore they control the narrative. Black homosexuality, lesbianism, and effeminate men are always put on full display by the mainstream media. We don’t hear or see much about these issues in the White community. Also, when Black men display manhood, our masculinity is described as “toxic”. Yet your president can run around and grab pussy, and wealthy white men can rape women with impunity and it’s described as “Boys being boys”. Therefore, I can’t speak on the extent of how this situation is affecting other communities outside of the Black community. If non-Black men or women would like to discuss if there is an increase of the feminine nature in the men in their community, then please speak on it. We as Black people don’t have the power to change or influence a damn thing in America. The corporation that uses atrizine is called Syngenta. When it comes to bringing down corporations or making significant changes, it only occurs when Whites are significantly impacted and begin to voice their frustrations and demand change.

Here is a video by the dear brother Rizza Islam discussing atrazine, and feel free to watch it if you are interested. Now before I leave, this is not a post bashing the gay community. This is discussing a corporation named Syngenta that is slowly and chemically destroying men in my community. The topic of LGBTQ is a totally separate issue. Therefore, if you come on my page and say that I am “gay bashing”, then be prepared to get your sensitive ass cussed the hell out. Also, don’t try to accuse me of using reverse racism. Racism is defined as: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is Superior. Black people are at the bottom of everything, so how can we enact superiority on the very people that control all of the resources? Therefore, understanding the context of racism, Black people can not be racist. I am trying to have a very real dialogue on this issue. So again, feel free to leave comments discussing how you view the behaviors of the men in your community. Have a good weekend.

One thought on “Are Pesticides Producing Effeminate Men?

  1. It may well be that Atrizine is responsible for why there seems to be a serious problem of effeminate Black men. Also, I do believe that mass incarceration of the Black man has something to do with it as well. Add both to the mix and voila! There ya go. Because I am pretty sure that the majority of Black men who are incarcerated, before they are released, have had some sort of homosexual encounter because many have had to fight to keep from being raped inside jails and prisons by both guards and other inmates. The ‘sagging pants’ look, from my understanding is due to the prison situation of “easy access to to penetration.”

    As far as I am concerned, white males are a given anyway, but Black men were not so down with homosexuality. So, all I can say is, interesting theory since everything we touch, eat and drink has been contaminated with toxins. Trying to escape that is nigh impossible.

    Great post!

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