The Planet Is In Trouble

astronomy-discovery-earth-2422I speak a lot about health. That’s my passion and I like to share my passion with others. One of the things that can’t be ignored is the condition of the planet. I am of the understanding that there are two types of vegans. You have vegans that became vegan because of their health. Then you have vegans that are all about the animals and Earth which made them choose a green lifestyle. I chose plant based eating for medical reasons. When making this decision I had no idea that it would change my outlook on nature itself.

People think when I talk about eating plant based that I’m just concerned with eliminating meat. In a perfect world once someone started to watch what they ate, they would also eliminate artificial preservatives and flavorings, gmo foods, and use natural hygiene products. You would also stop abusing drugs, alcohol, and smoking cigarettes. This lifestyle change would lead you down a path of seeking spiritual consciousness.

I have never been one to ever consider the animals. I never had any pets growing up, cared about the circus, or the zoo. The only animals that I cared about was the steak or chicken on my plate. I became vegan for health reasons, but it also made me consider the animals. I definitely consider the abuse and slaughter of animals for food, but I think about how certain animals are almost extinct. It’s crazy that soon I will have to tell my two year old son stories about how we used to have rhinos and giraffes. The honeybee population is drastically decreasing due to pesticides and loss of habitat. What happens without the honeybee? A loss of fruits and vegetables! We will then be forced to eat Monsanto’s terminator food. Looking at poaching and the destruction of the animal’s natural habitat shows the lack of consideration taken into the ecosystem and survival of man.

I also have started to take a look at the planet. Corporations are constantly fracking the Earth for oil. Coal mining causes water and air pollution. The tropical rainforest is constantly being deforested by idiots whom want brazilian cherry and other types of exotic wood. There’s no consideration for fewer crops, increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, elevated temperatures, less oxygen, soil erosion, and many other things. The Earth is treated like a dirty prostitute by the corporations.

Look at the national news. Unarmed black men are constantly being gunned down in the streets with impunity. Mass shootings seem to be on display on our news cycles everyday. Children are being used as sex slaves. Pedophilia is becoming commonplace. Evil has become fair seeming in this nation. We can name many situations that show the denigrated state that the world is in. No, everyone doesn’t have to be buddies and hold hands, but damn where is the freaking respect! There’s no existence of simple respect for human life, the animals, or the planet.

What type of atmosphere does this create? This sets an atmosphere of destruction. Everyone has their own personal belief system. My beliefs tell me that this degenerate, denigrating behavior angers The Most High. The Most High has a masculine and feminine energy. When the feminine energy that’s an aspect of the Earth is violated, the Earth will rebel. Look at the weather patterns. Look at the hurricanes, the snow, the ice, the famine, the flooding, and etc.

There is total destruction on the planet in all directions and it’s crazy to think that the Earth won’t start eliminating things to balance itself out. Man’s arrogance will lead him straight to hell because your militaristic weapons can’t match up to the forces of nature. So, eat right, treat others with respect, stop destroying the animals, and improve our ecosystem.